The Most Hopeful Promise I'll Ever Make.

I don't care about owning a nice house or a flash car, nor do I care for the latest fasion. I live at home with my parents so at the moment I'm powerless but once I finish my novel I'm gonna make a diference. It was really easy to typ all that on the key board but I promise you that I will not falter. I'm not materialistic simply because I don't fit in with society, the wants of the whole do not apply to those on the outside. And so when I finish writing my novel, which I will, and then publish it the money will go to something more than myself. I will not be the useless out cast I'll be the exception.

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8 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Yes. I don't really care about being remembered but I don't want to just work to survive.

So, you want to create meaning in your life rather than fade away into time like so many others having left nothing at all? That is the best way to live a life that makes you feel good. There are so many people are depressed and dissatisfied with what they are doing - living to work. Going to a job that in the long run means nothing to them and watching as their life slips away. Well, at least I'm scared of that. I'm terrified of that to tell the truth. <br />
I'm glad that you're so honest about it as well - that's probably why most people want to do things like this.

I don't want to just live life. I want to go and build homes for the homeless, feed the starving children. I want to do these things not because I'm some selfless super good guy but because I know how good it will make me feel. I don't want just a life, I want a life that makes me feel good.

Help people in what way?<br />
I'm glad you overcame depression though :)

Trust me when I say that I will write and publish my novel, I will never abandon my passions. This sudden want to help people is new, I used to just want to kill myself.

"times change?" - I say don't speak too soon. We all have aspirations. We try and we give up. We have to, otherwise we'd burn out.<br />
Get that novel published!

Don't beleave a word of it, I'm young and times change.<br />
And the measure of a man is certaintly not in the eloquence of his writing.

The simplest changes start from within and show in your actions, which shows in the little gestures to the biggest leaps of faith. They are all noble when done from the heart!<br />
I salute you!