Im Gonna Marry That Boy...

Me and my boyfriend started dating our senior year but it was the end of our junior year that he showed interest and I HATED him.  But Im not the type to be upfront and reject a guy, so instead I tried to do things that turned him off, like "misplace" the paper he put his number on or be busy a whole entire weekend and not be able to answer my phone. I hated doing this, but Idk i just couldnt be upfront and tell him I wasnt interested, but that didnt stop him. Somehow I agreed to go to the movies with him I guess just to give him a chance. But I wanted to be clear that it WAS NOT A DATE. So I invited two of my friends and my three sisters along with us. Lol the look on his face when he saw who I was rolling with. But that didnt stop people from coming up to me on monday asking about our date they heard about. Its funny how hard I tried to get away from him and he just wouldnt let me. I guess after awhile I really liked the idea that someone would do so much just for my attention. So I gave him a chance and Im so happy I did. Although many people frowned upon us starting a relationship our senior year in high school since college was right around the corner and everyone knew I was going out of state, I just looked at it as something fun to enjoy while it lasted. And I did have to hear alot of disapproval from parents, but whatever, I just figured they'll learn to love him eventually. But it grew in to love so fast. And now I can definitely say he's my best friend and the person Im gonna marry.I swear if someone told me back then that I was gonna fall in love with him, there is absolutely no part of me that would want to believe it.

We've shared so many moments together, we were even each other's first. But to other people it would be a sappy teenage love story but its so real. We're both in college now and in a long distance relationship and we've been through alot of stuff, both good and bad. Its definitely hard, but I know that Im going to be with him forever. Everything in my heart tells me so and in his too. Its not official yet, he hasnt gotten a ring or anything like that, but he told me I was gonna be his wife, even though I already knew that. We're planning on getting married after we finish college, but we're not in a rush. I know its gonna be rough and Im definitely not saying love is all we need to make it work, but its a great place to start. I just know I love him so much and when we do finally get married, its gonna be worth every single second.
kiellybailey kiellybailey
18-21, F
Nov 10, 2011