He Had Me At "I Like Boobs."

I met my current boyfriend when I was a sophomore. He was a flute player in my band (yes, i know. he is a woman...lol) and he always stared at me. I asked a few of my friends about him and they told me he was "weird and bisexual" so i shouldn't talk to him. Well, a few weeks later he came up to me and a few of my friends and just looked at me and said "I like boobs." and then went into a story about how someplace in Michigan is ready for a zombie attack. NOT EVEN KIDDING. I laughed because he was awkward and I wanted to make him feel better, and I started to become friends with him. I began liking him April of that year, and I told him in May. He told me he just liked me as friends, and then soon after told me he was "in love" with a girl at our rival high school. I was really sad, but I wanted to be a good friend and help him out, so I gave him advice and listened to him.

That summer, I met one of his friends, and we kind of clicked. We started dating June 21st and I thought he was amazing and I was going to marry him. But...things got really physical really fast. And he wasn't the type of guy to just want to cuddle or anything, and he HATED public displays of affection. So the only relationships we had were friendly and physical. It got annoying really fast.

At the end of summer, I found out my best friend (aka man I am going to marry) liked me. It tore my world apart because I basically had to choose between the love of my life or his best friend. If I picked the wrong one, it could ruin several different relationships.

In the end I chose my best friend over my boyfriend. And since that day, I have been the happiest I've ever been. And I'm so thankful for him. We plan on getting married November 8th in 2020 (I'll be 28), and spending the rest of our lives falling asleep in each others arms.

starshine22592 starshine22592
Mar 9, 2009