He Stole My Heart

my story starts 13 years ago, I was barely 16 and a freind of mine introduced me to a guy . he was 18 and the sweetest guy ever. we started dating and we were together for three years, we planned to get married when I turned 18 and be together forever but when tragity struck and I got pregnant and lost our baby I lost it and we ended it about a year and a half after the loss. I took off and married a man I barely knew. I ended up having three beutiful children with this man who became my freind, but he was never my true love and never realy had my heart. Last year my husband and I divorced and I was devistated. I had three children and not much of an idea on how to date. I hadent heard from this man in 10 years, I had no idea were to find him, dont know if I was realy triing but one day I came across his sisster on facebook and asked her how he was doing. A few days later I got a message from him saying he had been looking for me all this time and he wanted to see me. Then it started with a date, he loves my children, he never stopped loving me. after dating again for awile he proposed to me and I said yes, we are getting married in July and I have never been happier. I should have married him back then but fate came through for us years later.

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awwwwwww that is the sweetest story everr!!