It is driving me crazy........ Somehow that catch line in stuck in my head.

It isn't going to be long now my special friend,
we will see each other again,

Holding you in my arms,
embracing all of your charms,

Inhaling your scent,
releasing all of the passions that were bent,

Passion, Desire, Love and Lust,
will be what will happen for it is a must,

Enjoying our time,
with a tequila and a lime,

Watching the sunset,
Sensual feelings met,

Our tongues entwine,
Feasting - for you are mine,

Soft skin embrace,
Makes our hearts race,

We will see each other in a week,
Our excitement shall not be meek,

For in the absence of you,
Pray that my emotions not become skew,

Anticipation is a killer,
for I will not be bitter,

Because I will see you again my dear,
and we will shed happy tears,

For when we embrace
Absent feelings will leave no trace.

Am going to meet you soon,
for I love to see you swoon,

For my dear, sweet, special friend
Desiring to be with you till the end.

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41-45, M
4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Thanks Brut....


The lucky one is me to have such a friend in my life..... *wink*

How beautiful!!! What a lucky special friend you have!!!