Off To Doha, Qatar And Then To CDG, France ( Meeting Him For The Very First Time)

After waiting for months, today I am going off to France and meet him for the very first time.May God will always protect me whenever I am. I am feeling nervous, scared and I am thinking alot of things in my head. This feeling is weird and and I can't to explain it. This is where my live and death will prove me if he is a nice or bad person. This special day, I will always treasure and remember it always no matter what happened. Crossing millions of oceans just to be with him, this is my true feeling. With love, I strongly believe, nothing is impossible.I not hoping anything in return,but I hope that his feeling is true for me too. I could be hurt by what will happened next and I could also be relieved with what will happened next. To my family, I love you mum, sister, brother and people who care about me alot. Please forgive me, if I have done so many sin towards you guys. To my great friends, thanks for your support and concern, I will always treasure this friendship with you guys.To the people who loves me, thank you for being with me and understanding me with all your heart, I could not say more. My Lord, please make my wish and my dreams come true, make my journey went smoothly. I shed tears for you with all my heart, I am willing to surrender if it is for you my Lord. This story will continue once I came back from France, I will share more about it...

Yours Sincerely,
AnnaBellaRockz AnnaBellaRockz
22-25, F
2 Responses May 18, 2012

i wish your trip is fruitful and your happy now?

It is

well thats something to remember and to be thankful about...enjoy your day...

Hope this day is memorable for you for the rest of your life, best to you on this special day and may god bless you

Thank you