My Crush ^_^

well school started..and i had a Crush on this guy...well it went away and alwayz came back..but when i had my probz with my ex boyfriend me and him were always talking about breaking up getting back together so i had those probz with my ex...well anyways me and my ex are officially over sooo i can crush on any guy i want...well anyway i really like This guy i had a crush on in sept 06..well summer's coming and school is Ending..and well i dont really talk to him at all...we have the Same classes..well im not sure if he likes me..but i really dont wanna lose contact over the going to miss him alot..i cant wait till school starts again over the summer im going to have a GREAT Make over...Sooo when i go bak 2 school i can iMPRESs Him!! Going to Start improving mysElf..and Self-esteem..i really want to date him Next Year...i just dont have the Courage to tell him now..oh going to miss him alot =[
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
Jun 7, 2007