Actually I'm Not..

And if I do then I must be really dumb (which I am.)

These people hurt me so badly. They crushed my non existent ego. And often made me feel terrible. They can't do anything to take back all that they did.
 And sure, now they try to be kind, they finally see I am not doing well, but it's too late.

If I miss them when I move I must be an idiot.

CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
4 Responses Jan 2, 2011

Yeah (:

How they treat you is their karma. How you react to it is yours. Don't put your self respect, or happiness in someone else's pocket. You are the master of your life. Go do things that make you feel fulfilled as a person. Don't stress about what they, or anyone else thinks. Choose to be happy and then make it happen.

You're comment means so much MWT, it was really sweet you took the time to comment that.<br />
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Thank you.<br />
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Aww, missing them wouldn't make you an idiot, it would only make you human, Though if you really don't miss them it wouldn't make you such a bad person either. A family is suppose to be there for you, and support you, not drag you down. I would never in a million years miss my father and his family because they only see the flaws in people, and I know for sure that their are other people who have similar feelings towards some family memebers, so keep your head up, you're better then them.