A Very Special Day.

It was almost a week ago and my Son was thinking it would not be worth us going and that he would get his degree certificate sent through the post instead.I'm so glad we went.It's the first Graduation ceremony I have ever been to and it was a lovely occasion.The cathedral was beautiful and added to the occasion.To see him take his certificate from the Chancellor and walk down the aisle looking proud and mature was very special and the day was a healing day for the family.
They say it is a rite of passage, and I totally agree that going through the ceremony made the achievement more significant and meaningful to all of us.Well done son-we are proud of you and love you.We hope you go on to do something worthwhile with the knowledge and skills you have gained.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Well done, indeed! Congratulations to you too! The day is a source of great pride for mother's and father's and so many of the kids just want the diploma sent through the mail. I'm glad you have the memory of it forever!