The Wages of Sin Is Death

In  Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of god is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. ( that means) if we have sin in our life,we will face death eternal,,, if we repent by asking god to forgive us for our sin we have eternal life with him in heaven... we can not carry sin and carry pureness at the same time, we will eaither love pureness and hate evil,, or love evil and hate pureness.... if we try to serve god with sin in our life we are not giveing the fullness of living a christain life, we eaither love one and hate the other... the penalty of sin is death both spiritually and physical...... the moment adam sinned he died spiritually. The only escape from the second death is to receive the gift of eternal life is through the lord jesus christ.............. the lord offerds salvation to all, he will not turn any one away.. he loves all and wants all to live with him in heaven... just think if u die tonight and u don't have the lord into ur life, and he desides to allow ur life to be over here on earth where will u end up??? that's somthing to think about and scary right..?? well there nothing to fear if he is in your life and u serve him as your lord and saviour, he has promised to give us life eternal with him in heaven for eternlity... and he will forgive u for every sin that u have, except blaspheme agaist the holy ghost for that thay will never be no forgiveness.. but through him ye might be saved, all u do is ask Jesus to forgive you for every sin that u have done, ask him to clean you up from the sin that is in your life and ask him to make you pure, ask him to come into your life to dewell within you, tell him that u know that he died for u and that god raise him from the grave and ye shall be forgiven, ask him to fill you with the holy ghost to teach you in the way that you should go...... my friends jesus loves you, give him a chance to show you that all the joy that you have been looking for and you an't found it he has it...alll the emtyness that lays inside of you he can fill it for you.. alll the lonelyness you face, he'll be right there with you.. give him a chance he loves you and will fill all the emptyness you have... 
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and he will forgive u for every sin that u have, except blaspheme agaist the holy ghost for that thay will never be no <br />
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Okay...your statement just BEGS the question....What the hell idoes 'blashpeme against the holy ghost' mean? And why in God's name is THAT not forgivable? Explain please...if you can....<br />
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Also...if I do not believe in God and Jesus and the you believe I will burn in Hell in a Lake of Fire for Eternity? If you do...will I feel the flames? Will it hurt just like real fire? How long is Eternity?

Thank you for this. This is something we all need to read.