I Wish I Knew How to

But im having so many issues with self control right now ... and i dont know how to stop it .. I mean i do but im being selfish and following my own needs and wants instead of his .. please pray for me to find my self control
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Why do you think you sin? What is 'sin'? Do you buy into that whole...Born a Sinner...thing?<br />
If you do then I ask this question:<br />
<br />
If you were Born a Sinner....Cursed as it were, just by merely being born...then why isn't Jesus death on the cross a Cure All for sin? <br />
<br />
Answer: Because the Church would not be able to extract any money out of you if that were the case because you would cease to need them....<br />
<br />
Question: Are you seeking to obey God....or the Church?

i know what you mean. i am not evil or mean , but i sin. i try not to, but the temtation to sin is so stronge. God is mercyfull. I think he will forgive you since you don't mean to do it. you do your best to controll your slef.