I start my days trying to.Usually though by the end of the day,that is not what happens. Especially on fridays.All I can do is strive to be better and remember to ask forgiveness and not to repeat the same mistakes.Much easier said than done.
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Are you really trying to Obey God? Or are you trying to Obey the writings of an old man from centuries ago? And which commandments of God are you trying to obey? <br />
Do you eat pig meat? Do you ever work on Sunday or have anyone in your family that does? If so, you need to stone them to death! Full obedience to God requires it. Do you know any Gay people? Better stone them to death...wouldn't want you to be in-obedient on that one either!<br />
<br />
Are you trying to obey God of the OT or Jesus/God of the NT? Or....<br />
....are you REALLY trying to be obedient to the know...the one's who actually DEFINE for you what Obedience to God is? <br />
<br />
And....what is it that you need to be forgiven of? For being human? For ************? What? Have you killed someone recently? Do you harbor hate in your heart? <br />
<br />
Set yourself free and you will be free. Chain yourself to a Voodoo Belief System and well...there you go....