I Love My Friends But Sometimes They **** Me Off.

my rant...sorry it's a bit wordy....my friends are awesome and i love them to death. they are always there when i need them and always cheer me up when i am down. but lately the have been kinda ******* me off. like we go to Denny's almost every friday night but i never have any money so i can never get anything to eat and just end up sitting there. then last night i finally had money so i texted my friends Jim, Jake and Zak (the people i always go up there with) and none of them wanted to go. so after about 3 hours i finally found some people to go up there with but it wasn't the same. then today it is hot as hell outside so i wanted to go to this place in the park called the rock slide. so again i texted Jake, Jim and Zak and Zak had to work so thats fine i understand but then Jake and Jim just don't want to go. so i guess what i am getting at is why is it that when my friends want to go somewhere and i don't want to go they sit here and ***** me out til i get pissed and end up going just to shut them up but when i want to go do something and they say no that's just the end of that? it has really been ******* me off. and one more quick thing before i go. to Zak my best friend for 8 years, yes i am in a long distance relationship. yeah it sucks sometimes that i can't cuddle up with my girlfriend and go out and do **** with her but i do in fact love her very much. and just because you don't understand how someone could be in a long distance relationship does not give you the right to sit there and **** all over my relationship and call me an idiot for be in one. if you were in a long distance relationship i would support you all the way because obviously that girl makes you happy. thank you that is allĀ 
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May 12, 2012