It's Time

In 2008 I got used to slacking off, in 2009 I made it a sport. In 2010 I need to get back track.

1) Do my homework .

2) Drink less.

3) Get a job.

4) Be Proactive about my health.

5) Smoke less.

6) Get ready to become a parent.

7) Move out.

8) Become less indlugent, ie, not grabbing the last slice of pizza and avoiding that last drink of the night.


So I couldn't think of 10 things to work on, but that means I should have no problems achieving most of my goals :) Maybe get a few of them done really well. :)

senmetsu senmetsu
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 4, 2010

The fact that you know that your actions are not positive says so much about you. I always thought that as long as I am not hurting anyone I could continue to live carelessly, but I am someone, I am hurting myself. As you are, you have the tools in your hands. I wish I could have done homework, I was never given the opportunity to finish school, and College I always wished I could go but, the option was never given to me. I really can't afford to drink so I don't. I am proud that I can work, you are young and a job should come easy if you just go out and look for one. It doesn't matter where as long as it's decent. Taking care of your health should be easy, just stop smoking, and you'll have more oxygen in your brain which will cause you to think better about your choices and if you stop the alcohol wow you'll think clearer and save money too. And the rest comes with thinking of others first, making sure they have their needs met too. Help others and you'll see the change right away. If you still have your parents, thank them and help them and they'll help you. God bless you and be proud of yourself and your actions this rule will make you a good man for your self and your children.