Mwahahaha! I Love The Way My Mind Works!! >:)

I thought of a way to have a completely FREE site for running my business through!! >:) Heh~ Well.. I guess I should call it a project.. its not a formal business per say. Just a place where I can showcase my art and accept requests through. Everything concerning Dream Ship will be available there! I decided not to go with a website, as I would be forced to pay for such a site monthly in order to keep it up and running after the first year. Also, it would cost me almost $20/month to make it an e-commerce site and that's too danged confusing for me. Thus, I have decided to simply make a new blog site in which to run Dream Ship through! ;)

Anything formally concerning Dream Ship shall be posted there from now on. Any & all official Dream Ship business or notices will be posted up under this new blog. If you wish to check it out, here's the address:

I do have a few images available on the blog now.. so I hope you will all visit~

Happy Hunting! ^v^
SheFoxy SheFoxy
26-30, F
May 6, 2012