Female Pedophiles

I don't think there's enough awareness about how women are just as capable of molesting and raping children as men are. The only ones we ever see on the news are the teachers that sleep with their male teenaged students, but other than that, you don't ever see it. Some people even think that women aren't capable of it, and these boys are stupid for telling.

But, they can. And it's not just teachers. It's mothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, babysitters, neighbors, anyone really. Women doing this is very real, it really does happen. It's not just teenage boys, but it's also teenage girls, and young children of both genders. But according to society, women can't and/or don't molest or rape. It's like they stick their fingers in their ears and go "LALALALA!~". To them, only a man would do something so awful.

I think that if there was more awareness and acceptance of it, then more kids would have the courage to come out and tell. I know I would have. Then the person would be charged, and we'd have one less ********* on the streets.

Another thing; whenever a woman is charged, she doesn't get sentenced as harshly as a man does (ie, Debra LaFave). That is another thing that needs to be changed. If it were a man that had sex with a female under sixteen, he'd would have been in jail for YEARS, not ******* house arrest. Female pedophiles are just as nasty and disgusting as male ones, and they should be treated as such!

But yeah... people NEED to know, for the sake of their children...
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So true. Because of the womb and maternal instincts, societies act as though women are incapable of committing heinous crimes against others, especially minors. Some males lose their kids to court cases who feel moms should be the custodial parent even if reality shows she's a monster. I saw a TV show that had a woman who preyed on teenage boys every year and she was a teacher. When she got pregnant, she slandered one of the boys and said he raped her when it was discovered her husband wasn't the father. They all went to court and the husband backed her up. I believed the boy cause she seemed confident in her pose in the witness chair and like she was faking her tears. He kept insisting she and he were in love. Then another teen boy she was with the year before testified. The husband went into shock and screamed at her demanding she tell him what she did when it was revealed she kept going after her male students every year. Quite sad. And the boy she slandered was indeed the father but she just didn't want to get busted for seducing him. This is completely different to me than age-gap willing romances. This is basically parents trusting you with their kid and not knowing you are into their kid. I even met a female pedo. She got arrested for being with an adolescent boy and then got arrested again for breaking the government's rule to her, that she was not allowed to have a boyfriend. I guess it was to prevent her from getting pregnant. I don't know.

There's some good looking female pedophiles I wouldn't mind sleeping with!

I really agree with this! I know just as many unsavory women as I do men. And they feel like they can't get caught because everyone sees women as perfect little angels. Well, all humans are equally capable of evil, and our culture needs to stop favoring female criminals. If they think they can get away with it they WILL. That's just what people do. We shouldn't put the safety of children at risk.

It does my heart good to see so many people support this issue. If we ignore a problem it only gets worse. Women monsters feel as if they can't be caught. And for the most part they are right. <br />
Take a look at this story. <br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Hate-Pedophiles/2366874" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
Watch the videos. The first one deals with a woman who is an abuse counselor and the truth about female pedophiles. She attempted to host a seminar on female pedophiles. Feminists protested and disrupted the conference. They were so disruptive that one female victim of a female ********* couldn't go out and face them. She was going to go out and tell her story but ahead could face the feminist in the crowd that were trying to stop the conference. <br />
As I said before Im glad someone is speaking out about this. Please continue to do so. We must bring this problem to light. We must let the victims know that they are not alone and that they don't have to hide in shame.

" Women monsters feel as if they can't be caught." Sorry that should have said *women MOLESTERS*. My spell checker has a mind of its own sometimes. Lol

Totally agree!

I agree. Many women talk about being treated equal to a man, this would be a good start.

i fully agree people always think that women are a lesser sex in all cases but they are fully capable of doing all the wrong things that we always only see men doing. I am sorry for anything that may have happen to you or someone you have known if women want to be equal than they should really be given the same consequences as a man for these awful things.

That's awful. ): It must be hard for him..

My ex was molested by his aunt many, many times. He was only about 5 years old.


I wouldn't know, I don't live in the UK. That's awful though... but I am glad that they will be in prison.