Stop Trying To 'Save' Me.

There are currently 203 stories in the group 'I Don't Believe In God', 33 of those stories are written by believers with the aim of converting the group members.

It is my opinion that we need to respect one and others right to our own beliefs. I feel it to be rude, arrogant  and disrespectful to push ones own beliefs on to others.

As an atheist I grow very tired of being told that I am wrong, amoral and no better than an animal. I am tired of being told that I am pitied and that my soul will be prayed for. I am quite sick of hearing how my life must be empty and how I am going to burn in hell. But more than anything I am sick of people that seem to feel that it is acceptable, or even their moral duty to shove their holy book down my throat.

I have no problem with religion. In fact I feel that if something can bring a person joy, peace of mind and a purpose in life then that is a wonderful thing. But I personally do not want or need it, is it so hard to respect that? We don't want to be saved. 

Now don't get me wrong, I fully accept that this works both ways. Although I will stand up against beliefs which oppress others and remove human rights, I find proselytism of any kind to be distasteful and disrespectful. Just as it offends me when people preach in atheist groups, I find it equally out of line when a atheist invades a religious group and lists reasons why the members are wrong. As I previously stated, it all boils down to respect. 

However; in the interest of fairness I visited the group 'I Believe In God'. There are 139 stories in that group, just 1 of those stories was written by an atheist. Just 1.


Since writing this, another story has been added to 'I Don't Believe In God' taking the total number of proselytizers currently posting in the group up to 34

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41 Responses May 29, 2010

I am so sorry you have to deal with so many bible-thumpers.<br />
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I'm a believer in God, but reject the label of a religion. I steer clear of that stuff, honestly, haha.<br />
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I wish you didn't have to go through that. It just goes to show you how heartless people can be.<br />
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Funny that so many Christians don't follow Jesus' most important rule: "Love one another."

I am semi-christian (hard to explain) but I believe that what gets you into heaven is being a good person and learning to put others before yourself (to a point). I think that believing in God/Jesus will not get you a ticket to heaven and not doing so won't mean that you're going to burn in hell. Besides, hell is a horrible place, and should be reserved for horrible people, so it only makes sense. There are plenty of good atheists and bad christians, and God knows who's really a good person and who isn't.

I agree, respect for all paths is the key to being a happy well balanced person.<br />
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Peace! (from a witch)

It says in the Bible to minister to people by the way you live you're life and not by preaching to them. If a person wants to have questions answered, they will ask.

Wow you must get a lot of people trying to convert you . It never happens to me.

very true bro!

We all have the right to make our Life/Career decisions…and we live or died as a result!

Actually, proselytizing is an expediant way to find out if someone is a moron or not. I've met wonderful, smart, witty people who were deeply religious, but they'd never push it.I modiefied my own label to agnostic, because atheist seems too absolute. The truth is I (and everyone else) don't know jack and won't anytime soon. Belief is kind of cute, but really...

Being a christian with very strong beliefs, I respect your right to your own belief and would never force mine upon you. :) <br />
And I don't stand by anyone that would. I grew up being forced to pray and go to church, any sensible christian would know that only pushes people farther away. Everyone has the right to come in their own awakening.

I have to say that i completely agree with you. I find it to be very rude to shove your beliefs down someone's throat. I am also an atheist and I have had some people try to force it into my head that i should believein God. Unfourtunatly, some of these people were my friends and even my father. one of my friends even said i was gonna burn in hell. *sigh* People need to learn some respect......if I don't try to force my religious views on someone, I really wish they would give me the same courtesy.

No. This is wrong.<br />
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If you knew someone was going to spend an eternity being tortured (or whatever) wouldn't you do the best you could to save them? Even if they hated you for it? I would.<br />
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I am an atheist. Hardcore nihilism is the stuff for me, true fact. But I would be OFFENDED if they did not try to preach to me.<br />
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"We don't want to be saved.", would that attitude persist if you died and found out that we're wrong? Look at it from there point of view.<br />
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----<br />
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So religious folks, please don't listen to this philistine, carry on. I appreciate you. I respect your attitude far more than the one expressed here.

I completely agree with your post, although regarding some later comments I would say that it's my honest experience that atheists and agnostics are just kinder people than Christians. People who are kind not because they fear retribution from some being, but because they want to be kind. People that accept other people as they are.<br />
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But, perhaps I am just lucky to know some wonderful folks!

Lovely story. Bravo!

You wont be bothered by me then sleepless

brokenlife your well out of line and very childish... not only do you let yourself down but more importantly you let all of the other atheists down.<br />
<br />
I would like to apologize on her behalf, and hope she didn't offend anyone seriously.

blah blah blah i don't know what u meant<br />
me no english

I believe in Jesus, but I don't force anything down anyone's throat. If anyone is telling you that you will burn in hell for not believing. Well they are being very judgmental for a start and that is not the way to help someone believe. Those kind just put others off and they go a running!<br />
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I have a little brother who is gay and that is a big no no in our world. I am very close to him, he asked me a question: Does it bother me how I am? I just gave him a big big hug and told him, who am I to judge. He is who he is and I told him that I love him.

No judgement here. No disrespect either. I am not a religious person, and neither was Jesus. Nor was he self righteous or judgemental. Many of the religious seem to forget that.

I believe in God.. always have and always will.... How I came by these beliefs is my business just as your views are yours and as such should be respected. Funny how spirituallity always causes such divides between people.<br />
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My issue is more about "Religion" and those who are involved in a "Religion" always wanting to make other people join it!! They seem to have a need to make their particular group the biggest and the best!!<br />
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In my experience the most godly people I know never even talk about their beliefs (unless asked) but rather tend to have an amazing aura about them that just seems to draw people. This seems to hold true no matter what "Religion" these people follow.

sorry i was just fooling around. don't take my stupid comment so seriously...<br />
<br />
but i still laugh when i read it again...i guess we just don't share the same sense of humor <br />

AGREED!!!!!!<br />
I'm an Atheist and to all Christians, God does NOT exist. BAHAHAHA MUAHHAA<br />
yes please punish me God. Oh wait, I think I'm already being punished coz god gave me a sh!tty dad who beat my mom and treated me like cra p.<br />
Oh wait...god wouldn't do that would he? so he doesnt exist after all....<br /> confusing myself<br />

I beleive in god coz am a moslemm girl.from amoslem country full of believers &do u know wat i respect people like u.IQ

Sleepless42 - I completely agree with you, and I note that we might be witnessing a darwinian selection. The ideas of tolerance and "live and let live" have probably occured to people many thousands of years ago. But in the man-eat-man competition between cultures, the survival of the fittest is the law. The sad thuth is that, over the millenia, the cultures that survived were either aggresive on the outside, or had a blind fanaticism on the inside. Or both. <br />
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My first instinct is to continue on a tolerant path. But I have second thoughts about this as well. Could it be that we modern people should express our values more forcefully ? Could it be that, in our quest for tolerance, we fail to sufficiently distinguish between good and bad ? I'm not talking about the religious-secular divide within western societies. These societies are now facing more serious challenges from the outside.

i am a christian and i believe in god as well. and i don't care about what the others believe cuz its none of my business. and i respect those people.

Very good point. I'm an atheist and I've noticed that too ... not the number of stories but the number of groups. I've never understood why people write stories to groups to say they disagree.

i feel the same way but iam a christan i belive in god

I fully agree with u, im do believe in GOD, but i feel lik whether or not u dont doesnt really have anything to do with me, thats not my concern. But i also get made at jahovah witnesses for knockin on my door every sat. or sun. mornin tryin to make mechange my religion! U should be able to believe in, wat or who u want!

Religion =/= Athiest/Athiesm (Whatever you wanna call it.)<br />
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But, showing respect for something you stand for is one thing. Forcing down some ones throat that you're wrong and going to burn, is a totally different subject.<br />
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I'll agree, I don't mind religion truthfully. But, I just dont want to be told that their way is correct.

I respect your beliefs...

part of the rules for being a christian according to jesus is to preach the gospel to every non believer. they are only supposed to offer the gift of salvation one time. after which if that person does not believe then you are to leave them alone. maybe they should be reminded about that. then there is the verse don't cast your pearles before swine. don't give what is holy to the dogs.

Good story, well presented.

I try to reach a middle ground between myself (not so much an atheist as I am putting my faith in humanity rather than the supernatural) and the religious. I never have a problem with people who believe in any religion, nor do I consider any religious to be ridiculous or pointless. If I get someone telling me what I believe in is wrong, I simply tell them to adjust their definition of right and wrong. To me there is only one universal rule to all life: To create and preserve life. It may be vague, but I didn't need God to figure that out.

Atheists are simply more rational, and generally more compassionate than your typical holy-roller, no matter what brand (even many "oppressed" pagans). I myself practice Erisian Gnosticism based on the Coppenhaggen Interpretation of quantum physics, just to let you know that you are not "just preaching to the choir" (that I am not an atheist), but I fully agree with what you say.

Nice story! I totally agree.

When faced with a similar situation, it often helps me to understand that some organized religions mandate that their followers do this. Its a big part of their religious practices. I've learned to respect this, then allow it in one ear and out the other. My spirituality is sacred to my being, therefore I'm most secure in allowing others to practice theirs, even in my presence. Sometimes, I do have to struggle with the urge to engage them in a theological debate since they've chosen to invade my personal mindspace!

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Well said Sleepless42 and totally agree with you . i also believe that religion is a private thing that a person should practice on their own and not go around advertising it and make non-believers look bad. At the end of the day everyone needs to be respected . I have myself witnessed how these groups go around trying to convert people and try to find the vulnerable one's at their weakest hour and feed them religion coated advice. I find it very insensitive and nonreligious . If you believe in God or any higher power do so but do not judge or ostracize those who don't. We all have the freedom to live life the way we want as long as its peaceful and non-harming.

Agreed!! I find it rude and patronizing my mum was once told that she wasn't being fair on me for not reading me the bible or refusing to when the school asked her to for something they where doing.