I Dont Understand Why..

This country is called the land of the free! What can we do!! There are alot more country's that are a hell of alot more free then we are!!
We cant marry who we want!
(if i wanna marry a potato i should be able to!)
I cant smoke pot!
ppl are trying to stop abortion!! (its my damn body!!!)
Do u know in england .. they get free heath care!
We should have free heath care but big businesses and the rich are getting tax cuts!
Sure i dont wanna get crabs but if u do.. its ur boby!
Is it really MY body!? No!!! Its the goverments!
nirvanachick25 nirvanachick25
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Alot of country's have free health care I live in one that does. The reality is it is not free you have to pay for it in your taxes. It is a superior system than the dysfunctional healthcare system of the States but I do not think you could get it in the States as most people are adverse to paying taxes.