I Hate Political Correctness

I always say being PC is today's replacement for good old fashioned common sense.
Personally, I find it insulting to be told what to think at every place I am required to sit in a waiting room, and I wonder how much expense and effort these advertising campaigns designed to alter thinking cost! People are hungry, dying, sad, lonely, hurting and here we are being bombarded with posters that advertise such pearls of wisdom such as: Do not leave your children unattended in shopping trolleys! As if I would!
That money should be spent on helping those needy people, NOT telling intelligent people things they ought to already know.
But it's not just the public service announcements, oh no, it's everything! Political correctness is rife in everday living and I just think it's all so 1984! Pretty soon we'll all be dressed the same with robotic thinking patterns and glassy eyes.
Nowadays, I must wipe every surface for bacteria (requires micorscopes for eyes or incredible amounts of product that's probably not even doing what it says it does but sure makes some people really rich!), not allow my child to play on a potentially dangerous playground device (requires psychic abilities to see which playground equipment will fail when child does inevitable and falls - it's a child for christ's sake - they fall!), ensure that my food is completely free of chemicals (Which they still put on and in beforehand regardless because they earn money from them yet it's up to me to read the ******* label) and never make a potentially damaging comment to a living being under the age of 12 (no jokes about noses, glasses, curly hair, any distinguishing feature, no swearing, no toilet humour, no jokes in general, in fact just keep it serious people - kids don't need to laugh or learn to live with themselves and we wouldn't want their feelings hurt!)
How do we expect our children to learn anything under these circumstances? Isn't learning by mistakes, with gentle parental guidance how we've instinctively done this job for the last million years?
But what I want to say most of all is this.... Don't ******* tell me how to love my fellow human beings - I'm intelligent, I already know!
It's the minority of the people who **** it up for the rest of us with their hate and their ignorance and general stupidity. The rest of us already know how to behave with respect around those we differ from. Having it steadily injected into our already tired brains is just incredibly insulting.
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this is the best story i've ever read on anti-pc bullshit... thank you for stating this, it's so true and i'm one of those who is annoyed by this horrible dystopia the world haz become. 1984? indeed.

What Political Correctness does is stop ''Truthfulness and Common Sense'' in it's tracts and was designed and pushed by those that are destroying the united States from within.

Ok let me put my two cents in on the Joking thing <br />
"joking can be a knife fight or a hammer you smash someone with (the way it was in my family)it can be used in a way that rots out someones insides. <br />
<br />
HOWEVER <br />
<br />
when love and respect and a want to help someone guides the humor it can be magic. <br />
if someone KNOWS (can't stress that enough)they are loved and cared for and respected as having worth then <br />
joking can help someone break a bad paradigm or let go of something they are obsessing over in a negative way. You can use humor and kidding to slip pass the almighty fragile ego that we all have and do a lot of good with it. <br />
<br />
its all about how you do it and what is your true purpose behind it.

I'm so glad I don't have a kid. It sounds too exhausting to wonder what will damage them next. It never was like that when I was a kid--if my mom wanted to personally give me a dumb haircut, she did and there was not a thing I could do about it. If that were to happen today, it would probabaly be called child abuse. You make a lotta good points! They even try to make us worry about germs on soap dispensers. And there are disposable hand cloths for your home. Just making more waste.

Of course we should care, and those of us who are intelligently bringing up our kids don't need reminding of it, which was my point.

er what? are you protesting? BOW DOWN TO THE FACIST NATION!<br />
<br />
yeah i know dude, sometimes i believe they are doing the psyghological tactic, by pestering us with all these little things, we eventually get so mad we snap and start rebelling, otherwise i see no logic behind it

Yes there is no doubt more and more we are told how to live every aspect of our lives like we are little children who can not think for themselves.