I Am Going To Say Something Controversial

Jesus Christ was just a silly little Hebrew masochist who forgot his safety word
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I just died laughing. Really, I'm dead now.

Haha. I think he was just kidding. This is called "Say something controversial" Don't take everything so seriously.

There is a stark distinction between the person of Hate and one who loves. I can sin and become <br />
hatefull or be kind, In 1976 it came to me one day how important kindness is a reflection of wisdom , respect, and trust. and for our spirtual growth<br />
I began to study if you will myself and the kindness or lack of was doing to me. Hating was so <br />
Tormenting, it didn't make any since for me to hate , hate ,and Hate! I had been negitive and miserable so long and just a flash came to me that I can only experience Love when I can forgive and be forgiven , we all face that day I think when we find out the benefits of jusy being kind and loving to our neighbors. It's a sensible thing, and it is a commandment. .

That is epic! thank you for that good laugh Im going to have use that one day if you dont mind... >.< your awesome!

Thats nothing new. Suck crappy things were said about him when he was on earth.

I will pray for you. You are sadly mistaken.