Painless Life Pls

I don't know what I did for me to deserve this kind of pain
It's not easy fighting for something you can't have
fighting all alone in the darkness
People think I am strong and a fighter
but they don't know how weak I am deep inside
I feel like dying everyday coz of the pain I am going through
but I am such a great actress, trying to pretend that everything is going smoothly
I smile but it doesn't mean I am happy
look me in the eyes and you will see how devastated I feel
Happiness for me is a temporary foolishness
I keep on bleeding but nobody knows it
Nobody knows that I feel deteriorating
I feel like my flesh has been ripped off over and over again
but still trying to survive
call me melodramatic but I've never been this selfless
I just hope for the day where I can get over it
and don't wonder why I will turn out into this freaking
hearltess *****
sweetsca10 sweetsca10
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2011

When you fight even though you think you are weak, you are just having normal doubts about a very stressful thing but you are strong. It drains the life out of you sometimes but if you are right, don't give up. Yo may not succeed but even in failure there is victory.