Democracy Has Failed, We Need To Move On

Much like my views on currency, democracy is an outdated failed system that seriously needs change.

We are suffering financially, our education is a mess, health service, justice system is a joke, and all the time the people we elect to make our lives better fail time and time again, while they seem to be doing ok.

Who we have to vote for is so limited and the elected politicians know they can practically do what they like with no consequence to them.

changing the system is going to be difficult as to do so we need the politicians to change it, and what are the chances.

So the best or only way to change is to stop voting, if we don't elect them they can't keep messing us up.

Now obviously when politicians realize they are not being voted for they will offer change, after all they have a very comfortable life and wouldn't't want to upset it too much.

What we need is a good opposition to government, an opposition who have the power to stop unfair and silly laws and can repeal existing laws, an opposition made up of everyday people of no political persuasion, who will have to accept or suggest all laws proposed by the government.

This opposition cannot be government but is a legal barrier to unfair government legislation

There are other common practises like lobbing and links to business that need to be revised.
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2011

exactly, but a few million voters can change things by not voting, there is no other way

Yep, a big part of the problem is that the people who have the power to change things have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.