People Are Funny

Not that controversial really, if anything, lol. But im gonna say something very controversial here some day. So this is the start then :).

Last year I was at this Event, Alternative event. You have like psycics, healers, various stuff like that. A gathering for stuff thats sorta outside the normalness or the box. Even tho it really isent. But people are jugdemental and silly about everything. Just wearing the wrong type of shirt, color, make up Or anything can make you jugded.

Anyway. This event, its supposed to be many enlightened people on it. They claim to be anyway. And I think they am really, at least for the most part and most of them. But I find it funny and weird tho. That this one girl at this event, she was mentally challenged. And she have had some experiences, seen ghosts and stuff like that. (Dosent matter if you belive in that or not) She wanted to visit this one psycic guy who had much experience with ghosts and such. But she couldent find her way through it all. Cause of her hmm nature. So she must have aksed a bunch of people to help her find him. But nobody seem to have bothered guiding her or helping her find this guy. (he was also quite known on this event, so almost everyone knew who he was even).. And its also posters, like a map sort of, if you dont know. Where people are located, what they do/practice and where you can find them. But she cant read tho(I think, lol), She has sight problems anyway. Point was, she couldent look at this poster/map thingy to see where he might be. Anyway she was stumbling around, and found me eventually. Who ofc helped her find this guy. Maybe used 5-10min to find him, cause he wasent at his usual spot, but I also knew who he was ofc. So wasent any big problem anyway. But yeah, I find it ironic. In a house full of "enlightened" people I was the only one who bothered to help her?. And im not any special, I dont have any abilities or psycic stuff, nor can I heal. Or claim that I am enlightened, even tho they dont really do either, but some do I ges, but more so think that they am. And what part of that enlightenment says you cant bother helping people who is mentally challenged?. Even tho again, most of these people are very nice. And even 2 of them ther frequently work with people like that. And knew her quite well. I understand that some may be busy etc ofc. Cause many had ther own spots or rooms to do ther things, but these 2 that work with mentally handicaped people had an assistant. So it wouldent make any diffrence if they left ther spot for 5-10min just to help her finding this guy. But again, I find it kinda weird!. Shes easy to talk to tho, she is quite awake sort of. No problem to have a conversation with her for example. But everybody seemed to kinda stress or just was busy with ther own time sort of.

Where is the enlightment in that?. So many people are all about the self power thingy. Putting yourself first etc. But wouldent you think that an enlightened being or person could put others first?. Not really connected to what I said above. but I cant help but wonder anyway. While sure, you cant always ignore yourself, cause if you just bended yourself over to everyone els, you would betray your own being. Of what make you great. But!, being enlightened would still mean you would bend over a lot. Cause you would be a peacemaker. If you put yourself so much first, you would only cause war and you wouldent be anykind of person who gives love. Or spread it. Part of being enlighened would probably have to be a person who is the oposit of this selfish world. Who unlike others, can love others, please others, yet find love for himself/herself without making any sacrifice to how you should be towards other people. Being an example on how you can be I guess, instead of what the world is trying to force upon you. Or how you "should" be, either by how the world see it, want it or just that it dosent fit into what is labeled as "normal" or in other cases "wrong". Cause many do that, if you dont put yourself first, your doing it "wrong". Its only wrong if it harms you. In my opinion. So if you can put many others before yourself, and without taking damage of it. It just means you have a lot of love to give. Should just be admired. Not labeled as wrong, or like you dont do enough for yourself. Cause ther are a lot of selfish people in this world and certainly something all those share(in my experience of those I have met anyway, but unawarly) is that they feel guilt and want to drag everyone els down to ther level. Make others as selfish as they are, so they feel better about themself. (putting themself first). Ironic how harmful that often can be.
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LMFAO.. so.. these bl<x>inkie ads... they're for me? Lol. How devine. Intergalactically(emism) cool... yep.. still ignoring.. them..

yupp, even stuff from the postal office that has your name on it! :D. And sometimes you just gotta ignore to be heard, lol, ironic.

Wa-Wa-WAIT A MINUTE! So you're saying ... "I have a Letter"? :)

Yupp, they even sent you a letter that you had gotten a letter. So all you have to do is go down ther, take your passport with you, or carry your parents under your arm, wait in line for an hour or two. To finaly get to the front desk, where they will let you know they have re-shipped it back to lalaimaginaryland cause they thought it contained a rare evil bunny from space!.. I dont know about you, but that happends to me everytime!.