We adopted a rescue dog about five months ago. Her name is Tulip and she is full of joy. She is also very sociable. I have been taking her to the Doggie Park to play on a regular basis. It is a fun place for her and me. All the dogs and owners seem to have a great rapport...

...until the Yorkies show up.

I am sure that these are loving dogs and their owners are nice people. BUT these dogs do not like the dog park! They never play well with others. Tonight, three of these Yorkies stood on the picnic table and barked and barked at any dog trying to play. Their barking incited about 25 dogs to also bark. Just crazy.

The woman who brought the little Yorkie who instigated this chaos, says she is shopping for a special doggy keep her baby a little closer to her heart. Yeah, ChaCha needs more spoiling. Fine.

But please quit ruining all the fun for others.

Lilt Lilt
15 Responses May 4, 2012

Yorkies to have a reputation for being pugnacious. It is unfair to the other dog owners, if they continue to wreak havoc they should not be allowed at the dog park.

let me step in here... I am not saying Lilt is a fraud. She is the most credible hand puppet I know... but folks, let me break it down for you. Tulip does not exist. She is as ephemeral as a politician's election promise. No pictures. No tulip.

She IS afraid of the camera!!!! Every shot is a blur. She is smart. Smarter than you and me put together. <br />
I know she exists because she sleeps on my head every night. That little dog has no respect for personal space.<br />
<br />
I will prove her existence, Penguin!!!!<br />

Maybe Tulip is a vampire dog, this would explain the "blur" photos!

tulip does not exist. while you're about it use it to present evidence of her existence.<br />
oh, and don't tell me she's camera shy...puleeez... that's why we have surveillance cameras in the first place. Okay? Rant over.

Yeah, what's up with that? I have nothing against Walt, he was a true visionary. But I have long been a suspect of the franchise. <br />
<br />
I obviously DON'T want to go to Disney World. Or to Yorkshire Terrier World.

Have you ever noticed that Disney T-shirts are often seen at disaster scenes like tornadoes???? Coincidence......maybe.....

Okay, from now on I am bringing my surveillance equipment with me to the doggie park. And I am going to be watching the Yorkie owners very closely too!!! Their uniform of capris and Disney T-shirts is probably not so innocent.

LMAO... disney and capri's that is their uniform... I had to take a que from Bruno and nearly pissed myself when I read this! So true!

I love Bruno!!!! What a dawg, as we say here in The South. Hahahaha!<br />
<br />
But if I think about it...maybe Bruno's frequent peeing is some sort of code? A code to other Terrierists !!!! He could be mapping out an entire takeover, right under our noses!

I'm sure these pee messages are likely some plot to start the apocalypse

I think in someways my yorkie understands his size, as when actually frightened he makes a beeline straight for his momma's lap... my Bruno though isn't like my previous yorkie, Spanky....Bruno isn't interested in picking fights or barking at other dogs...he rolls belly up if a bigger dog even scowls...his terriest moves are ... he is ready and willing and able to pee in or on anything... balls at the dog park, pees on it....the water fountian for the dogs, he pees in it... big dog not paying attention, yeah he pees on it... and in games of fetch he doesn't care who his competition is or their size...bruno is going all out....he isn't going to actually get the ball and bring it back he is just going to try to pee on before someone else gets it...or he is going to pick it up and prance around for awhile so all the other dogs have to follow him...<br />
<br />
Its embarassing but endearing. He is a rescue so I think he is a little different than most yorkies. Definately not like my previous yorkie!

I get that size thing, Sylphy. But Tulip weighs about 8 lbs. She only barks when the Domino's pizza commercial comes on. I did notice her trying to protect a dog she liked from a Yorkie one day. :-)

I learned that dogs don't really understand sizes. The smaller they are, the more they bark... like a way to make up for the size. I have a Lab... and well, his head is the size of a Yorkie. He nudges a barking Yorkie and it'll fall over.<br />
I'll let you take Brill to the park and he'll nudged them off the table. ;p

Terriers are feisty little critters. :)

Yorkshire Terrierest!!!! That is exactly right! <br />
I petted one of these little guys I had a choice, the dog was on the table and in my face. When I stopped, he started barking at me! They are control freaks.

They have issues... they think they are pitbulls and bulldogs and then they realize they are only really able to attack ankles... its a very hard life. Imagine getting harassed by the cats in the neighborhood. My little guy isn't as bad as this womans brood... likely because I don't carry him in a sling and he gets squirted with a water bottle when he barks.

I have a yorkie. We often refer to him as a Yorkshire Terrierist...because he can be a little terrorist at times.<br />
<br />
Instead of kicking you in the ***, I am going to get you a doggy sling for tulip!

Yorkie lovers can now kick my ***.