I Hate Genitalia.

Too bad we're all born with 'equipment'. I'd like to cut everything off that's unnecessary. I hate so much about them, I am repelled by them. Don't like the sight, feeling, smell of them, the feelings that they generate (lust and pure beastial_ity). I haven't been sexually abused nor am I 'shy'. I just always have had strong negative feelings about them. I also identify as Neutrois. If you don't know what that is, I have posted a story about it, or you could go visit the oficial website neutrois.com

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How would you use the bathroom if you got rid of your parts down there?

It's not specifically the peeing I hate. It's the genetalia, the whole sexual connotation around it, how it triggers lust. I've made other comments about this on my profile. Feel free to check out what Neutrois and body dysphoria mean. *Neutral

I hate them too. I am faab. My confession is: when I read books about FGM (female genital mutilation), I was more fascinated than horrified. I started to look up surgeries like labiaplasty.

I've never been abused and am not shy either...I thought male genitalia is beyond disgusting all my life. I'm also gay female and also feel non-gendered. Apparently it's very uncool to express strong sexual dislike for anything these days and I think that's wrong...I'm not bigoted against other sexualities but also I'm not obligated to coddle other peoples' egos and insecurities by saying I like it myself or by denying my true feelings.

I would say that you may be Asexual, which is perfectly fine with me. While I do not identify with it, I say, some people just don't find sex appealing, and that is okay. :)

Mmm they are kind of rank

hello, GenderPunk, <br />
<br />
i guess that i am the opposite<br />
<br />
................ genitalia fascinate me<br />
<br />
........................ and i am very pleased with my own<br />
<br />
are we both normal?<br />
<br />
................. i guess so, just opposite ends of the spectrum.<br />
<br />
with my respect to you, from robbie

As long as we accept ourselves and respect the opinions of others, I think we'll be fine. (Unless it's harming, abusive). Mutual respect


thank you for your reply. i do not see "mutual respect", as being neutral. mutual respect is a mutually healthy experience... and thus it is positive in nature. respect, from robbie

You are welcome. Oh and just to make it clear, 'Neutral' is my name. So "*Neutral" is my way of ending my message.


ah, forgive my ineptitude *neutral. thank you for explaining. again, with my respect to you, robbie

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