Teenage Pregnancy

I want people to stop condemning teenagers that are pregnant or mothers. In today's society, it's still pretty taboo, I get that. But the thing is: PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. Okay? It happens. There's a lot of social pressure from peers and the media to have sex or be experienced. It's disgusting. But guess what? Adults run the magazines and tv stations that create such pressures. I'm not saying a teenager who continually has unprotected sex and uses abortion as a form of birth control instead of treating it as a serious decision and life event should have your utmost respect, or those that have the baby then choose to force their parents to raise it while they go party, I'm saying you don't know the situation. Maybe she was raped. Maybe she's not a "sl'ut" or "who're" and doesn't sleep around. Maybe she was pressured, or made an informed decision and her method of birth control failed. It boils down to this: pregnant teens face enough hate and disgust from their peers, they don't need your uninformed opinion. Bringing a child into the world at a young age, or even terminating your pregnancy, requires a lot of self-sacrifice and growing-up at a young age. And if you want to sit all high-and-mighty, consider how different your life would have been had you been pregnant at sixteen. A pregnant teen is still a human, who makes mistakes, or suffers cruelty, and they deserve respect for the sheer fact they are taking responsibility for their actions. Just because pregnancy has physical consequences and is more visible than other commonly-commited teenaged mistakes doesn't mean someone's life is ruined or that they're any more deserving of disgust than others their age.

And NO, I am NOT pregnant.
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Well written.

many teen with children just keep going on with life and trying to make it better i will suport then the ones that want to sit and do nothing are the ones i have an issue with as it just seems to common for every one to want others to take car of them while they do there own thing

rape and ****** is a different story sorry<br />
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sorry did not see the rape line<br />
it is time they court system looked at rape as a crime and took action<br />
at one time rape was cover by death<br />
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she needs to tell the system and get out of where she is she need to take them to court and get an order for them to pay support<br />
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not but BC and condoms are way better then nothing<br />
al the girls in our grouo they boy that married them was not the father of the first child all were raped by a family memeber or at a part

now days it is silly to happen you can walk in to many stores and but protection if you cann ot afford protect you need to think twice and about it <br />
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if you can not afford protection you sure can ot afford to have a child<br />
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do not get me wrong we married at age 13 as did most our frinds in school but we all worked with eachother at full times jobs and no adult support any of us and all of us still made honor roll none of us were below 3.8 old scale<br />
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all went on to collage and had full paid programs and even with a family still came out honor roll <br />
only 2 did not do any thing after school one was my wife as she never came home from viet nam and steve was killed a year later in the tet offensive they both were usmc while i was navy spook

Way to notice the rape line. And birth control and condoms are NOT 100% effective.