It's getting confusing to tell who's male or female nowadays. Men look pregnant with bellies and breasts. Especially the ones who jog on the streets with their breasts bouncing like Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. They confuse me.

Not that I'm a perv, but when breasts bounce like that, it's only natural that I'm distracted by the movement. And when I realize the breasts belong to an ugly man, I throw up a little in my mouth.

If men who get obese should naturally morph and change sex into women, then there would be a lot more fit and desirable men on this earth. And perhaps more babies too.

Men and boys with B or C cup breasts should also wear sports bras while jogging. The pair of fats on their chest will also sag in time too.

How is it right for a man to have bigger breasts than a woman? Wouldn't it be natural for him to become a woman?
leuba leuba
1 Response Aug 2, 2012

You seam fixated on breasts. Maybe it is time to grow up a little and stop being motivated by such a small thing. After all if men can go topless, why can’t women? How one chooses to display their body should be accepted by all. Being sick because of how a person looks (and not because of war or starvation) is just plain wrong.

topless women FTW