You'll Probably Misunderstand What I'm Saying. So Please Ask To Clairify If That's The Case.

Most people do misunderstand what I'm about to say. Most don't quite get it. Most people don't ask and I don't really know how to tel it any other way. So if you need me to clairify please ask before you jump to conclutions. And I'll do the best I can to explain.

My favorite saying is if you go against your oun natural grain you'll only get strife. Most don't get what exactly I mean by this. Most think I'm homophobic when I say this.

Let me try to explain this as best I can. I say this to gays that are really straight. They don't understand why their life is so full of strife. They're straight and made the choice act gay. I've also said this to people that choice to live a straight lifestyle when they're really gay.

Many (and I mean all) that I tell this to take it the wrong way immediately take as I'm homophobic. But they don't ask questions. Like what do I mean.

What I mean is if you're gay be gay. If you're straight be straight be straight. If you'rre bi embrace it.

I say this because I know of some lesbian women that were raised that way. They really are men haters because of their mom. She's really the one that gay. She won't admit it though. Her daughters don't understand why they always have all this strife in their lives. Their mother doesn't understand why she can't make a marriage last for a life time.

This is why I say if you go against the grain you will have strife.
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and splinters... Don't forget splinters ... And believe it or not I'm not just trying to be funny. .. If you try to work wood the wrong way. .. against the grain. .. you do raise splinters and like your strife they hurry ... As someone once said. . To thy own self be true

I think I've seen this kind of thing around, too. My sister is one of those 'liberals' who really just tries to be politically correct; she tells herself she's a lesbian so that she will belong in a minority group. That's what she thinks politically correct people do, I guess? I know she's straight because I remember her crushing hard on boys when we were little. She tries to enjoy looking at hot women, even though it sparks no feeling in her. And she has a lot of strife, especially where her sexuality is concerned. True story :0

I believe you. It happens all the time.

It makes me sad because in the end these people really do end up confused about their true identity. Life's hardest when you have no idea who you are.

This is very wise. I've known gay's and bi's that live a straight life due religious reasons and they were not happy at all. I live a hetero life but I find women as attractive as men. But I know who I am and am not confused about it so it works for me. But people that go against their own nature and not except who they really are are not happy with themselves.

If I understand correctly, you believe people can naturally be gay/straight/bi, but many straight people think they're gay when they're not?

Yes and some gay people act straight when they are not. This is just my opinion not a fact. And yes I do believe it.