Chiong Sisters Muders Case

After recently becoming familiar with this case I am left with a considerable amount of skepticism. Initially, I only felt sorrow for a family that lost loved ones, but that was until I kept reading and watching. Other than the obvious corruption of the justice system in the Philippines, there was the bizarre actions and demeanor of the mother and father of the Chiong sisters, the supposed Co-murderer, the judge, and both prosecuting and defense lawyers.
Has anyone else come across this disheartening case? If so, would you like to discuss the particulars of the injustice or lack there of?
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i got interested of researching about this case too....just curious whats the real score....

I read the case. It focused more on the prosecution's evidence rather than the defense. To be honest, if you haven't mentioned the case, I would not have known about the 35 witnesses, the condo log book, the 8:00 am class, and the midterm exam he took. Very interesting.

I agree. The fact that the judge refused further questioning of the witnesses, stating there were too many of the same testimonies. The judge also put the defense lawyers in jail because the steped down when they realized not only were the testimonies not being accepted, but he was not going to allow cross examination of Rusia. After they stepped down,the accused were appointed the less than reputable poa. Also, the Davidson Rusia character was puzzling. I didnt understand why no one pushed more to cross examine him. Why, if he was truely with them, wasnt he able to lead the police to jacquelines body? I think it was very strange that Rusia and Thelma Chiong became so close, during and after the trial. Why was she able to forgive him so readily, but was willing to prosecute and seek the death penalty for a man who she wasnt sure was guilty or not? I dont know if youre aware but the father worked for a drug traficking cartel. Shortly before the 2 girls went missing he wad let go from his job and was supposed to testify againt his former employer. After the girls went missing he decided to not testify. The arresting officers were previous body guards of
Mr. Chiongs former employer. After the case went before the Philippines Supreme Court, it came out that the cheif justice was a family member of Thelma Chiong .

Hmm... yes, there are a lot of areas that would need some enlightening.