Hurricane Sandy

Im watching the news about hurricane sandy.And if this ****** people dont comment or read.
But i feel angry not for the people cause of the people.The higher up you are status wise the more angry i become because you are mostly responsible what has happened.But you middle and lower class people you are responsible for this mess to.And you deserve exactly what you got.And this will only get worse as you continue to destroy are planet.
It doesnt matter if you believe in god or not.if you destroy the planet you get destroyed.It gets even worse.All those fancy cars and electronics you love so much.The killing wildlife like your savages. Chopping trees to put up more useless infrastructures.Your killing yourself.Your killing other families.Friends.your pets.Your killing everything.Your killing me.We all contribute to this mess and those that havent been hit yet keep doing what your doing.There will be not a one of you left in 2015.
Leaders of this country there to blame as well.But you follow them.You build the buildings.You dig for freaking oil in the earth.After this you still will never.Romney may become president or obama.Either one of them could fix the economy but what good is an economy without an earth. The money you use you just use it to destroy the earth.The evidence. Look how many trees there are compared to trash and toxic gasses.You know if the ozone layer is killed we dont have to worry about hurricane sandy cause the whole earth will burn. Im not happy with the people of this earth or myself.I dont feel sorry even if i should.If this earth is destroyed i will be to. But it will be because of a joint effort of everyone being irresponsible
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2 Responses Oct 31, 2012

Hurricanes don't pop up when people don't take care of the planet. They are natural disasters. They are random.

Was your title just a false teaser? Your story made no real mention of sandy.