Just Something That Bothered Me Today...about "treat Your Body Like A Temple".

"Treat your body like a temple" (from the Bible) is an excuse people often use nowadays to accuse people that do unhealthy things of being sinful. To start off, even though I'm a Bible-independent Christian, I'm not knocking the Bible here, just the way this verse is applied. Well, your mind is part of your body, and if doing something unhealthy makes you happy (in the long run. not short term stuff, like drugs. more like not going on a diet) then you should take care of your mind first. A happier person is physically healthier, too. Also, the people that advocate this often use it to insult premarital sex. Sex is good for the body unless you get an STD or get pregnant. Which leads to my next point, those who quote this phrase a lot are usually super-religious, and don't believe in contraception (not everyone who is super-religious is like this, but quite a few are). You have a right to decide not to approve of contraception. But then you can't tell people to treat their body like a temple, because that's like saying, don't hurt yourself, unless it's by having multiple pregnancies.
oliveostrovsky oliveostrovsky
Dec 12, 2012