I think it is incredibly cheap to walk round in hugely revealing clothes.

*Think Jodie Marsh*

What impression are you giving off? You can be sexy with out displaying all you have.

Have a bit of class!


Sorry...I seem to be in a bad mood...

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I like her tatoos

Oooops... *puts on more clothes*

I agree with you 1,000,000,000% on this. I hate seeing pix like that and girls walking around like that. all stems from Celebs too. It ****** me off. And now it's rubbing off onto like 13 year old girls. I hate it.

I agree that it is not always necessary to walk around looking like a two cent *****. Sometimes it is important to bring attention to your other qualities, such as your personality or your brains. But I also think that sometimes it's nice to feel a bit free and express your inner '****' (ROFL) because it makes you feel independent...but I would rather feel classy.

*Random side note*<br />
<br />
My sister went to school with Jordan and was friends with her for a bit (same last name as well).<br />
<br />
My mum cut her hair once at our house. Strange but true! I was too young to remember her though...

I prefer Jodie Kidd. Although I often get them confused!

She's obviously NOT that important as I"ve never heard of her either and I know everybody and everything - Just Kidding People! Seriously, what does she do besides parading around mostly nude? I agree with your posting and it's not controversial - just the truth!

She is a thick as s......t. You can see her on youtube UK celebrity big brother 2006. Pete Burns gives her such a hard time....

wow not only can you ladies stay on a subject for a long time, you have fun with it. I feel like i am eavesdropping, I feel like a kid listening to the beautiful teens without the bitchy drama. I am honored to have been apart of this discussion. I agree with pretty lost, our stars set the pace in there whacked out lives, and all the commercials that tell us sex sells nasty is good, and if you buy our crap you will be just as popular. Also the young age that they start looking older looking like not only do they want it they no how to bring it. One more comment there is a lady in Little Rock, Ar.who had a song with her name in it and Little Rock. Sung by Grand Funk Railroad [I think] Were an American Band. sweet sweet Connie was her name part time school teacher, full time doing any band, Anyway she was roller skating in a park with a G-string top and bottom. She was arrested she is also in her 50s in think. Thank you ladies I really enjoyed reading your witty banter and hope it will be ok to do so again.

Oh my! I don't understand that either. Ya know the really terrible thing about it is that the young girls these days see all the famous women dressing and presenting themselves that way and a lot of them think it's o.k. I'm seeing so many YOUNG girls dressing so much more um, mature than they should. And I don't know what kind of advertising you have in the UK but here? OMG this Ambecrombie & Fitch is very popular with the teens & when I go to the mall (which I avoid as much as possible) I see larger than life sized posters of young men, bare chested wearing a pair of jeans that are hanging WAY TOO LOW. Not to say they aren't attractive...LOL but, is this appropriate advertising for young adults & even pre-teens? Most people seem to think it's just the way it is & it's not a big deal. I don't know. Anyway....<br />
<br />
I think Pam Anderson is pretty but she dresses like a **** star with her choice of clothing and way too much hooker/drag queen makeup. Have any of you ever seen her before she had her plastic surgery? She was a very attractive woman! Now....she looks like every other Hollywood bimbo...and she is not aging well either.

OH! Like Pam Anderson here in the States?

Hmmm I'm undecided wether I agree or not. I mean jodie Marsh is hidious for sure - but I love Jordan! I also think that some women have great figures and if they want to flaunt what they have then they should - I know people may think they look cheap, and in a way they do, but each to their own. I used to look a right slag when I went out - I went out in underwear, PVC, thigh highs, fishnets...... all sorts of things. I know what I looked like, I know what people thought - but I felt cinfident wearing it and wanted to do it when I was young enough to pull it off :)

Not in a bad mood at all Just being Honest.. And I Couldn't agree with more!!

Pixie... I was dumb a moment right along with ya! :) <br />
I know a man that told his son a similar thing about revealing thong bikinis on the beach. He said: Son, I know she's HOT to look at; so she prob. KNOWS it! Now that one over there in the one piece is shyly hiding some stuff; she's peeked my interrest!" ;)

I agree with you 100%.

you're all gonna laugh at me but, who is Jodie Marsh?