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I read one of the stories in this group... And I couldn't help but say something. There was one line that I just... REALLY couldn't help but respond to. It was something along the lines of how a certain person didn't like the way people 'flaunt' their sexuality. I feel the need to say *something*, at least, because to be honest this comment upset me.

In my opinion, as long as you're not destructive to yourself or others, do what you want. The old 'it harms none' idea.

Hey? Guess what? I'm going to flaunt my sexuality all the heck I want. :D You wanna know why? Because I'm comfortable with it. I'm going to flirt and I'm going to tease, and then I'm going to say, "I'm a happily engaged woman." Because I can. I'm probably going to put provocative pictures up in my EP avi, but... You know what? If you don't like people being who they are, then you need to go somewhere other than EP.

Want someone fake? Go to myspace.

I realize that I'm probably fired up a bit too much about this, and I'm sorry if I upset anyone with this post, I really am. But I cannot stand it when people whine about the 'sexuality' of society. There's nothing wrong with sex. Its a beautiful, wonderful thing, and when done right (key words, 'done right'), there's not much that's better. True, there are some who misuse the privilege (YES, PRIVILEGE!) of such a beautiful act, but from what I've seen and heard, there aren't many of *THOSE* people on EP, LOL...

If you don't like that I flirt, that I'm sexy, and that I flaunt it, then don't read my posts. I'm not here looking for sex, and I can't stand the people who are, but I'm not about to act like anyone but ME when I'm here.

Kthnxbai! <3

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Hi Hi! :) I read your post and had to comment, well wanted to. lol I am called a prude and innocent. I don't wear bikinis or revealing clothes, flirt or flaunt. I however have female friends who flirt and flaunt, wear revealing things and even bikinis and I have a male friend who is a nudist here on EP. I think fashion should not be controlled by others and that it is up to the person who has that body what they wear. I think that people who flirt and flaunt are still in the right if they keep in mind the cultural do's and don't and are mindful of respecting other people and stay within the lines. (Like I am sure you are still respectful and wouldn't flirt and flaunt with a fifteen year old boy, but you would with a legal adult. Or am I making a wrong statement about you?) Just cause I don't flirt or flaunt or wear revealing clothing or whatever does not mean I have to be up in people's faces about it. If I don't like it, I won't engage in it. I can stop it from happening to me by asking them to stop, but who am I to demand that they stop it with others?

I'm not into flaunting I am into just being ...

I don't fear nudity at all, that's not the point. I think that the human body is beautiful in all shapes and sizes. But, there is a time and a place for that type of thing, and it's not at the mall or a restaurant. I don't know about you, but if I saw some dude's left nut hanging out of his shorts while I was trying to eat, it would probably make me lose my appetite. Same thing about someone's butt hanging out. If you want to walk around naked, go to a nudist colony...that's the place for it.

But why should the bottom half of a butt offend anyone? I'm baffled by this fear of nudity.

"In my opinion, as long as you're not destructive to yourself or others, do what you want."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
I agree.

I never said that there is anything wrong with a woman wearing clothes that make her feel good about herself, in fact, I feel quite the opposite. I think that there are way too many things that make us feel bad about ourselves, so I'm all for anything that is a self-esteem booster. But, I don't like to see things in public that should be kept in private, like girls running around almost naked. Since you've said that you don't do that, I'm obviously not talking about you. But, it's offensive to me and to a lot of other people to see the bottom half of someone's butt hanging out. That's the only time that I have a problem with it...when it's taken overboard and becomes offensive.

Right on!

I'm chubby. I don't go anywhere with something hanging out, 'cause something most people don't wanna see is more likely to hang out than my boobs. :D LOL <br />
<br />
That said... If that's what a woman wants to wear, if that's what makes her feel good about herself, then why can't she? If a woman wants to flirt, wants to get further validation from 'other men', that she's sexy, then what's wrong with seeking it, as long as it goes no further than flirting? <br />
<br />
If its what makes me feel good, and if I hurt no one, including myself or my fiance with my actions, and you're not directly involved, who the hell are you to tell me its wrong? <br />
<br />
But... :D That said, we've all been sharing opinions here, and I'm not mad at any of you for doing so. That's what EP is for.

I have read everyones comments on here and I have to say everybody who has commented thus far has a point. Elwigs is that she is not going to change who she is for someone just because they don't like it, and she would be right. If someone doesn't like you for who you are, then they are not worth the time to bother with them. But Treadingwater has a point too. No self respecting women should need to walk down the street with her boobs hangning out, just so she can get attention. There are other more respectful ways to go about being sexy. and as far as sex itself goes. I believe ,weather anyone else agrees with me or not thats their right, that sexual relationships are and should be a private, behind closed doors affair between 2 mature consenting adults. One final thing I will say though is that no matter how a women dresses, weather in a tight short mini skirt and halter top or in a conceal all buisness suit, a way a women carries herself is going to be what people see her as, because even if she is wearing that conceal all buisness suit she could still be acting the part of a tramp(pardon the term) or if shes wearing that short mini and halter but carrying her self like she should. Then people will see her for the lady thats underneath. So basically what I'm saying is it's okay to want to be sexy but do it with some self respect.

Elwing, Right On! I'm with ya 100% woman!

I agree with you, TW.<br />
<br />
Elwing, I think you're actually agreeing with me more than you're disagreeing...when I talk about people who flaunt their sexuality, I'm pretty much talking about those people who ARE destructive to themselves and others. I agree that if you're not hurting anyone or yourself, there's really nothing wrong with it, but when you go around having sex with random people, you very often ARE hurting them, whether you or they realize it. Maybe, just maybe, you or they won't get pregnant or STD's, but you're taking that risk.<br />
<br />
Sex is a beautiful thing when it is used right, and I see nothing wrong with sex itself. It's the people who abuse this wonderful gift who I am mainly addressing in my story.

Okay, I agree with a few things that you said. First, yes, sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but I guarantee that the thoughts that are being provoked by some girl, you or whoever, walking down the street with three quarters of her boobs hanging out is not beautiful and wonderful. You are right, it doesn't really harm anyone for someone to flaunt their sexuality, but I just think that there is more to it than that. You say that you like to tease and flirt and then say that you're a happily engaged woman, but I don't really think that the only reason that you do it is because you feel so great about yourself. I'm not trying to **** you off, but wanting attention of that kind says to me that you don't feel so great about yourself and you like to have that confirmation from other people that you look good. It should be about how you feel about yourself and how your fiancee' feels about you, not about how some nasty stranger could imagine you bent over while he watches wrestling. It is nice to have people notice you and think that you look good, but is that really the kind of attention you want? I just feel like it's unfortunately the nature of women to be competitive with each other, worrying if you are the prettiest girl in the room or watching your guy's eyes when a hot girl walks by to see if he looks at her...we've all been trained to be self-conscious about ourselves because men are such visually stimulated creatures. I just wish that we could all appreciate each other for individuality and each person's unique beauty, not by how flashy you can be or how much you can get away with showing without being completely naked in public. I'm sure that you are a beautiful and sexy woman, but I just don't see the need to overdo it for a reaction.