Let It Be


I think same-sex marriage should be legal world-wide. I understand both points of this arguement and this is my conclusion:

If the issue doesn't involve you, why would you try and dictate how other people can live their lives. Let it be!

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LOL tell that to Vladmir Poutine then. Just saying.

Yes! I think all forms of sexuality should be accepted if it doesn't involve hurting someone. If we're ever going to call ourselves rational beings we've got to first separate our religious standards from our moral standards. Just because you're Christian and can express freedom of religion does not mean you get to bully or attack a gay person. (I'm not saying most Christians do this, I only see it occasionally in the hateful 'Christians')

Amen man!! Whether you agree with it or not, it's not your job to dictate how someone else should live! IMO, most religious people who try to force the issue are just hypocrites. Give the rest of us a bad name. All I've got to say is: Love thy neighbor!

I believe, but possibly for a different reason. I believe that since the United States is suppose to be the tolerant country, and we supposedly have a seperation of church and state, there is absolutely NO reason for it to NOT be legal!

I'm with you. It seems crazy that there are people who think gay marriage would damage the "institution" of marraige.

Woo! Lol!

Thank you for your comment!

that means people who think only heteros deserve to the right to marry.

I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in this case I cannot help but lose a little bit of respect for anyone who wants to shove their morals down everyone's throat.

Lmao! Hell yeah!

I agree completely! Gay people should have the right to be as miserable as Straight people!!!!

It depends a lot where you are. In Western Europe it would be controversial to be against same sex marriage.

Lol! And yes I do agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, that does not necessarily mean our opinions are correct just because they belong to us. Thank you for your comments!

I have a tree up mine about this issue, but hey, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

Thank you for your comments! It warms my heart to know not all people have sticks up their *****.


I whole-heartedly agree.