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To those who believe that people need to subscribe to a particular dogma in order to stop from going to h*ll: Stop trying to 'save' the masses and focus instead on your own 'salvation,' whatever that may be. I for one don't think I need to be saved or find jesus...I need to be left alone. And, if you happen to think that my personal philosophies are going to send me straight to the devil...just let me go.

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I am a Christian (for the most part) and I believe that if you are a good person with the ability to love, be it God, a child, or a lover, or just your family....that will get you into heaven. The only thing that will get you into hell is excessive selfishness. That's what I believe...God is perfect, and he understands why it's hard to believe in him. Also, Hitler was a Christian...I don't think I'll see him in heaven.

Waiwera:<br />
I think there is away to tell if a religion is true<br />
1. If it has talking snakes and donkeys, it aint true.<br />
2.If it has ancient jews who turn into indians, it aint true.<br />
3. If handymen become zombies and later fly away, it aint true.<br />
4. Rivers of blood, talking shrubs, floating zoos and salt women, it aint true.<br />
5.If men are made from dirt, women from spare ribs and they eat from magic trees, it aint true.<br />
I hope this was of help.

Well good for you. go girrl :P

To me, trying to save others through religion seems like an ego thing, as if trying to convince someone to modify their beliefs system makes them feel smarter or more noble. Also, preachers on the street get a paycheck for spreading the word of God. Televangelists roll around in fancy cars and take private jets. As for people who "rack up points to the man upstairs," I agree that it's a selfish and overall useless venture.<br />
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The idea I adopted from humanism is to put your faith in the people you love, and to help and respect the people around you. Use your knowledge to benefit your society. I didn't need God to figure all that out.

Absolutely agree with you. Your character and choices are the only things that will determine your fate in this world. I just see it is terribly hard for people to just accept there are some of us who can deal with the responsibility it means taking all in our hands. Thanks for sharing.

I feel this way too. Recently a friend, one that I no longer really talk to, became a born again. This was just crazy, because not a month ago, they were very Atheist! And now, said friend is like all in your face about the rapture.. We talked about this of course, and well, I had always been a pagan, and it hasn't changed for me..But now all of the sudden, "I'm worried about your soul, and I dunno if we can be friends." It was just crazy. :D <br />
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I think your character and your choices reflect where you go, and that to religiously solicit someone is just tacky.. Man's relationship with religion is so personal! It's almost like Avon and God calling. Good grief.. :D

I believe everyone, regardless of your religion or even no religion is responsible for their own soul. What you do isn't on me, anymore than what I do is on you. I am only responsible for my own sins.

right on, i agree... we are all on our own soul journeys indeed.

If you're an a-hole, then I am too because I agree. One of the reasons that I disagree with the 'saving' of people is because, more often than not, its used to "rack up points with the guy upstairs" than it is because of any true philanthropic emotion.

Sorry for being an *******, but I've gotta say it:<br />
<br />
If you're being a good person to keep yourself out of hell, that's not very selfless.<br />
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It is possible to be a good person without subscribing to a religion...and a lot of times, even if you don't believe in Jeebus as the messiah, you can still find ways to echo his "teachings" or "ideals" without having a mediator force-feed you information through the Bible.<br />
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If by not believing exactly what Christians/Muslims/AnyOtherReligion you go to hell, then Hell's gotta be way more fun than Heaven; all of the most interesting and intelligent people'll be there.

Thanks adandymess! :)

RopinTexan- The Bible as we know is not a complete text...there are missing books, changed passages, and different translations that even scholars cannot agree on. Furthermore, I really disagree with the use of the words "save" and "non-Christian" in connection with each other.

Waiwera-You make a good point. <br><br />
<br><br />
Nonetheless there is a fine line being tread in concern of missionaries. That line is this: at what point does one stop 'spreading' the word and start imposing a belief system on others who have not asked to be "shown the light"? I think a more caring sentiment would be allow G-d's children the freedom to choose the dynamics of their relationships with Him for themselves.

Well, here's the thing: Jesus says in the Bible, "No one comes to the Father except through Me." I have problems with that scripture...I believe it to an extent because Jesus said it...but does He really mean that literally nobody can go to heaven that's not a Christian? That's why we Christians try to save non-Christians.

Hahaha! What a laugh, Everyone!!!<br />
<br />
Yes, VVV and all, I suppose it shows a "caring sentiment" if people want to ensure that one is saved; but really it IS none of their business UNLESS THEY ARE ASKED - and that to me is the crux of the matter.<br />
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A few months ago, some Mormon missionaries called at my door... I respect missionaries for having the courage of their convictions enough to DO something about it that they feel they must do; so I talked to them. Of course they wanted to come again and have a chat and some prayers... I said okay, I'll listen to what you have to say, but I'll be honest and upfront with my opinion on it. It finally came to the crunch that they asked me to say a prayer... what I said had them silent for quite a few minutes - they didn't know what to say! At last one of the Elders took the initiative and wound up the chat session... They invted me to the church, and I went - and it was very friendly - but when they asked me what did I think, I said "Well, I investigated the Latter Day Saints religion many years ago and came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me, and I haven't changed my opinion". And there the matter rested.<br />
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They, like me, are human beings who are searching for to make sense out of this world that we find ourselves in. I have searched for many decades... I have two likely answers, both similar in many respects but different in some details... But in the last analysis, we will probably never KNOW until death parts the veil between us and our True Being; though we can feel pretty sure at times. <br />
<br />
This really is a confusing world - and as far as I know at present, it was designed to be so, in order that we wouldn't be able to figure out what's REALLY happening! Yes, Folks, the news - from that perspective - is not so pleasant... many people would totally freak if they were told!

Join the club. LOL :)

Commenting only on the story and nothing above, whenever someone tells me about hell, I say: "Well, you don't have to worry about me going to hell cuz there is no such thing." This sparks an argument, obviously. Basically, my point comes down to that *if* there is a God, he couldn't be all powerful if there was a devil to undermine his authority... and *if* there is a God, I'd like to think that he wouldn't send his own creations to spend an eternity burning in hell. He loves us, right? ANYWAY, they tend to get pissed and come to the conclusion that I am *so* far gone, they can't save me.

A g-d that punishes His creations for merely existing doesn't exist anywhere in but in the minds misguided zealots. In short, I agree seraphicwannabe. :)

By the way, I'll bring the scotch! If we're burning in hell, we'll be too drunk to tell.

A god that chooses to punish its creations for being what they are is a god I will defy.

I think the entire philosophy of 'saving' people is a farce. Its just another way to push the beliefs of the many onto the few. A fundamental principle of most religions is free will...and, quite honestly, it isn't respected by these so-called 'saviors'. Really, what they need to do is MYOB.

I've come to the decision that, on the the off-chance there is a god who made us in his image, I don't want to follow him. I wouldn't be living an honest life. I would be ashamed of myself, because even if it's real it's a sick religion and I won't be a part of it. So I'll see you in hell. If there is a hell, I don't think anyone could escape it.

If I want someone to save me, I can think of how I want to be saved, and it has nothing to do with someone peddling their religious beliefs on me.

Anyone who feels a deep need to save others probably is doing a lot of projecting and really needs to just save themselves.

I'm going to buy a copy of anton lavey's satanic bible so that if they come to my door again I can try to convert them. I've got the tao te ching now, I guess I could pull that out and try to convert them to taoism. <br />
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I used to go to church and i used to worry about my own soul and the souls of the people I loved. It's sad. Tulick's comment makes me sad. It's sad what fear can do to you.

I deleted my previous comment because it was offensive and inflammatory.....<br />


Thanks tulick...that makes sense.

the morning star is a refence to Jesus not the devil

Sure thing'll have to be a freakin' truckload though...who knows how hot it'll be? ;)

Hmmm...I've never heard of that one, but, since he's such a famous guy I'm sure he needs a lot of fake names to get around. LOL ;)<br />
<br />
Yeah'll be one HOT shin-dig. hehehe

Well, if I get there I let you know poe. :)

"if you happen to think that my personal philosophies are going to send me straight to the devil...just let me go."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
hm<br />
I always wondered about the devil.<br />
ElSatan-Lucifer-...reputed to be the most beautiful of all the angels....

Well thanks. But don't think subscription to a particular dogma is going to kill my chances of reaching the pearly gates. I think that my character and choices will determine that. :)

because your my freind and i belive most of that stuff and i wanna see you in heaven

I agree CC. What frustrates me most is people's tendency to take their moral code, add the word's "God's Will" and all of the sudden, the entire world is going to h*ll. I honestly think most of the 'converters' are more concerned with being right about *their* version of God than the salvation of someone's soul. We each have our own unique relationship with God and to interfere with that by trying to 'save' people makes no sense. At least, not to me.

Why sad?

Its a date Danda...I'll bring the liquor! LOL

this makes me sad