Here I Go Again...

I love that free will is becoming a matter for theological discussion. (Rolling eyes)

Because, really, that's what is at the heart of all of these debates about abortion...the free will of a woman to control her body. To take away that choice is to take away her will. A will that was God's greatest gift to Man. Period.


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I agree with you. Women should have their own choice. But i defiantly think that all options should be looked at as well. Thanks for stating your opinion!

They do need to think these things through; and not rely on the propaganda perpetuated by the 'pro-"Life" campaign...

Agreed! Unless the brain begins functioning, the fetus is NOT a human, and thus can not have free will. Anti-abortionists need to think these things through. I'm with you and arctictundra on this.

"yes, but allowing abortion is taking away the free will of the baby."

It has no free will. It's a fetus! Chances are it can't even will itself to move it's limbs yet. That is a weak, weak argument against abortion.

The fact that she's living. An unborn fetus can be seen as having *potential* life whereas the woman in question is the realization of that potential.

Why? What makes the woman better than the baby who hasn't even had a chance at life yet?

I disagree. I think that the value of a woman's life/will takes pre-eminence over that of an unborn fetus.

yes, but allowing abortion is taking away the free will of the baby.