Here I Go Again...

I love that free will is becoming a matter for theological discussion. (Rolling eyes)

Because, really, that's what is at the heart of all of these debates about abortion...the free will of a woman to control her body. To take away that choice is to take away her will. A will that was God's greatest gift to Man. Period.


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8 Responses Aug 12, 2008

I agree with you. Women should have their own choice. But i defiantly think that all options should be looked at as well. Thanks for stating your opinion!

They do need to think these things through; and not rely on the propaganda perpetuated by the 'pro-"Life" campaign...

Agreed! Unless the brain begins functioning, the fetus is NOT a human, and thus can not have free will. Anti-abortionists need to think these things through. I'm with you and arctictundra on this.

"yes, but allowing abortion is taking away the free will of the baby." <br />
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It has no free will. It's a fetus! Chances are it can't even will itself to move it's limbs yet. That is a weak, weak argument against abortion.

The fact that she's living. An unborn fetus can be seen as having *potential* life whereas the woman in question is the realization of that potential.

Why? What makes the woman better than the baby who hasn't even had a chance at life yet?

I disagree. I think that the value of a woman's life/will takes pre-eminence over that of an unborn fetus.

yes, but allowing abortion is taking away the free will of the baby.