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Okay. I know some people will hate me for saying this, but I wish the 1 child law of China would be implemented world wide. We're just breeding at an unsustainable rate, it seems. I know that a lot of free-minded and intelligent individuals don't like the idea of limiting a person's right to bear children, and I know that many cultures would clash HARD with this kind of law, from India to the U.S. and everywhere in between. But with every family of 15 we inch closer and closer towards the destruction of our last stockpile of resources. We'll run out of energy, clean water, food, medicine, and maybe, in the distant future, the plants that give us oxygen, bringing a real man-made apocalypse on ourselves. At that point, it won't matter if our bloodline and legacy stretches to every corner of the planet, because none of our children will have a healthy planet to live on. The immediate gratification of having an adorable baby could one day turn on us. I feel like a horrible Nazi doomsayer when I spread this message, but I feel like we've really got to save ourselves and our loved ones now. I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone :( I'll get off my soapbox now.
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People in the west look at China and think "That's despicable, this is why I hate communism, what a terrible country...etc". To them I usually say, "At least they're doing something about their raising population". I'm not Chinese so I really have no bias here, but when I look at places like India where the population is out of control and people just keep having more and more kids I start to realize that the "1 child rule" isn't as bad as it sounds at first.

Once this scenario comes about the government will have power over you and we will lose our liberty. The 1 child policy has also failed in china...so if it didn't work there than how would it work everywhere else?

Good day, just my insight.

I agree with a 1 child recommendation. Not necessarily law. Like, to make it work, the governement could reward those who have only one children, to make it more appealing. I don't believe in taking away people's choice to have as many kids as they want, even with huge overpopulation isses going on, so I think it would be more appropriate, to allow it, but make the rewards for not doing so, greater than benefits for not following so.<br />
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I also refuse to have kids for overpopulation reasons. I want my tubes tied lol. Everyone thinks, I'm crazy. I'm like hell no. 1. overpopulation of course. 2. If I did want a kid, I think it's more appropriate to give one that is already here a good life and adopt, rather than just bring another kid into this world as one that you could have adopted goes parentless. 3. The pain labor looks like to go through........haha no. -_- 4. I don't want to be weighed down either. As vegan, I will have a lot of advocacy work and time that I need to focus on for saving animals. I don't want to be tied down with a child, adopted or not.You might like, or not like this article I just came across. Wouldn't ya figure? Government trying to cover up the problem of overpopulation brought to light by a young girl. http://www.news.com.au/world/hillary-clinton-tries-to-silence-brave-bindi/story-fndir2ev-1226560803039<br />
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It's good that you are concerned about this because, you're right, people won't care until they have an unhealthy planet to live on, and instead of blaming themselves, they'll blame everyone else around them but themselves, which just causes an even wider spread of blame to go around. At some point, I say just let people writhe in their own turmoil when they won't listen to reason.

The encouragement thing is actually an excellent idea! :D I also really liked that article. Hilary Clinton and pretty much every other political figure is corrupt. They only give a voice to people who further their agenda. Now, if we had 7 billion people like Bindi... Well, I guess we wouldn't have gotten to 7 billion in the first place lol, but anyway I bet things would be different for people like Clinton. Everyone should know how far the ripples of their consumption travel, instead of forgetting them once they're out of view. Someday they'll come back our way like a tidal wave.

Thanks for your response!! ^_^. Don't forget, that government, is controlled by the people, we kinda re just letting them do what they want know and I think they like that. We can take control whenever we need to. I feel like if more people push for a 1 child recommendation, we could get this public. It would take a lot of hard work and dedication, but if it's something you are passionate about, don't give up on it, and do something that makes life meaningful :)

I learned from my teachers that condoms are passed out in third world countries, but people just don't know how to use them. They showed them how to use it, by demonstrating on a cucumber. When they came back years later and wondered why the pregnancies didn't drop, they questioned people, and it appears that when people got into the moment, they simply put the condom on a cucumber x____________x. So yeah, lots of work to be done. Get out and get active~

that picture of hillray is from her debating with republican senators over an embassy bombing, not over population.

odd how a/p news wrote under the picture ....&gt;
Hillary Clinton's organisation edited out huge sections of an essay they asked Bindi Irwin to submit.Source: AP

Weird :0 Maybe they couldn't get a good picture of her or something... and she shouldn't have stolen Bindi's voice like that. Bindi could have represented all the people like us who are afraid to speak out against overpopulation, or don't know how...

gosh i dont knwo what to belive when it comes to news any more so much propaganda.

Money does weird things to people, for sure. Power as well, for some reason D: If only we could go back to trading material goods for services and having a true democracy in the U.S, not this electoral college crap. It would be hard to have an economy with no symbolic currency, but it would be so rewarding to not have to put my faith in a little scrap of paper. These people like Clinton would never become powerful without their mountains of cash to fund that propaganda...

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