Societies, Cultures, And Our World As A Whole

I may not be the most intelligent person around, but I'd rate myself at least a 6 out of 10. Again, not the most intelligent, and I may screw some of the things I'm trying to say up. I'm attempting to make valid points with no format. Also I may have some swearing going on. One last note: quite a lot of this is from experience from American society. I do realize not every society is the same way, but there's always something that overlaps. Okay, here goes.
I'm tired of it, of it all. Ignorance and hate are rewarded in our world, even though we're told as children how we should always be kind, generous, and understanding. It just seems that our world seems to hate the innocent and the rational, and thrives on irrationality. Let's start with societies and cultures and the impact on humanity. When have we lost the ability to think for ourselves? Societies and cultures have all these rules and regulations, which have their roots in one or more people's deluded mind(s). Somehow, these thoughts infected a generation. This generation reproduced. Instead of allowing the young to think for themselves, they burned these thoughts and ideologies into their brains. This happened again, and again. For different eras and different 'areas', different rules and regulations, from different leaders, but all irrational and simple opinions from said leaders. What did we get? People who only know those things, and will refuse to entertain reason. Those who question the 'rules' get disregarded and are just "rebellious". Let's delve deeper into the unquestionable rules. Hmm.. I know one that gets me going. Sex. It's apparently a taboo, repulsive process, unless you're doing it. Even then though, you should feel really guilty the first time, ESPECIALLY before a man in a suit says 'I wed you' or something. That already makes since, right? For the people who believe in evolution, we evolved from animals. Guess what? Animals screw pretty shamelessly. They don't get wed. They don't care where it is. They don't care WHO it is as long as it's suitable for mating. It's a natural act they have to do to keep their species alive. Even animals do it for fun. Apparently humans though, there's something wrong with it, and it's unsuitable for anyone to know that it exists until they can reproduce. For you Christians, didn't your god say "GO FORTH AND REPRODUCE"? Not to mention, I'm pretty sure Adam and Eve were NOT wed when they had Cain and Abel. They even knew they had something watching over them, but they did it anyways. I don't have anything for other religions, don't hurt me please. Don't get me started on age of consent, either. Oh, you're 18? Well, while we're not happy about the process, you can go have sex with anyone 18 and older. I mean, you don't fully stop developing until you're 20 or so, but it's okay. 18 just seems right. Hey, you're 17? Okay, you can have sex with people that are 17-19, but don't record it! In a whole year, it's fine to record it, but not now. Umm.. you'll regret it! Yeah.. Whoa there, 14 year old. You shouldn't know what sex is, it's.. uh.. inappropriate. Sure, females your age can have a child, and males your age can make that happen, but the whole 4 years matters a lot, even though you don't even stop developing then. Whole ******* lot of sense. Don't think I'm trying to justify pedo philia (space because censorship), either, because I'm not. I'm not justifying someone having sex with an 8 year old girl. Not a pre-pubescent child. I'm justifying the fact that if you're mid-pubescent, as in, IF YOU CAN MAKE A CHILD, you're not a child anymore!
Let's get off that, shall we? Let's talk about our reactions to death. Death.. it's final, it scary, it's inevitable. When life is cut short by human interaction, though, it's interesting to see reactions. It seems most of the time, if it's 'one of YOUR people', you're going to show emotion. What if it happens to someone that isn't your people? Oh.. that's sad.. but it's not my people so I don't care to be honest. Think about it, Hiroshima was bombarded with 100,000 deaths in World War II when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city. Americans see it as an act of war, and necessary. Despite all of the innocent people that died, and how many people are still left affected by it, they don't blink an eye. Bring up 9/11 -- something that happened to THEM though -- they'll begin to be uncomfortable and sad. However, for most of the people, it didn't even happen to them specifically, it was just the fact that it was 'their' people.However, in 50 years, it will be something taken lightly. People died horribly on the Titanic, yet you can make a joke about it and people will find it funny, and not be offended. Human life seems to be recognized as worthwhile in the generation, not as a whole. Let me be honest here, maybe I'm a bit biased on this part, as I didn't blink at the Sandy Hook massacre.
I'm almost burnt out here, and these are just a few of my thoughts. Let me get to my final subject. Greed and currency. What happened to bartering? We have this obsession with worthless, dirty pieces of paper with a dead person's face on it and metallic alloys in the shape of a circle with a dead person engraved on it, and use it to obtain what we find necessary or appealing. I used to question people's idea of how money is the root of all evil. Especially religious people. If Satan is evil itself, why is money the root of all evil? I understand now what they meant. You need to have pieces of paper and coins to eat in a "civilized" society. What is civil about preventing people from eating unless they give you paper and coins? Then we go on to view thieves as horrible people, even if that thief just wants to not starve to death. Some people will even kill for currency, all because of their greed. They don't even want anything with it at times, they just want to feel special because they have a lot. Why do we do this to ourselves?
I don't think I even got everything out, but that felt pretty damn good. Congratulations to you for sitting through all of my rambling! Have a cookie.. wait, can you trade me some worthless paper for it first?
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I like this post :D I have a lot of the same ideas. And don't worry about being unintelligent! By the Dunning-Kruger effect, questioning your own intelligence actually indicates superior intelligence ;} But anyway, it's great to see that there are other people questioning these kinds of things. Society needs more questions and less age-old 'traditions'.