Don't Play the Card.

One of my colleagues is completely incompetent. She behaves like a child, she has tantrums, she dresses inappropriately, she distracts the children from activities, she picks her nose while talking to parents, shes over emotional, shes aggressive...The list goes on...

Yesterday she was behaving in her usual unprofessional disruptive manor and i called her on it.

She stormed out of the room and punched a wall. She later told another of my colleagues that i was discriminating against her because she was black.

Excuse me!?

Anybody that knows me will no that i do not discriminate against anybody for any reason.

No dear its not because your black, its because your a ****!

Why play the card?

I think people play it to easily. Guess what? Maybe, just maybe its not because your coloured, or gay or female or could just be that you can't do the ******* job!

Don't use your minority status as an excuse.   

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7 Responses Aug 20, 2008

It sounds like you played the **** card when it needed to be played.

Ahh the race card. One of my favourite subjects and my biggest bug bare. I think people who pull the card are just as bad as racists, they create a divide.

Good riddance...

I'm a person of color in America, and sometimes there IS a bias against us, but your co-worker sounds like she has ISSUES! Are you in a position to "confront" her on her behavior? If not, you need to talk to your mutual supervisor and have specific conduct, negative outcomes and dates - not just say she's "unsuitable". The woman may not be aware of her awful habits and angry responses. Also: watch yourself - are you a perfect employee in your boss' eyes?

White people in South Africa gets that a lot, with everything being blamed on racism. Even when they fail at their jobs it's blamed on racism and the lack of education because of the old regime of apartheid. Haven't happened to me in a long time though, but when it does I simply reply; "I didn't notice, thought you were standing in the shade."

I wasn't talking about the spelling, I just thought it wasn't pc to refer to people as colored. Nevermind, it doesn't matter. <br />
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I don't understand why she hasn't been fired yet. Why do they keep her around?