Very Much, and I Try Not to Utter These Thoughts, But I Can't..

I know that many won't understand what I'm about to say, many will disagree, and the only thing I can say is "yes, you don't understand!" because you're too ignorant.

Stop telling me about how you love animals but you just crave meat every now and then, if you understood you wouldn't crave it. You would feel sick if you just saw it.

OK, so there's those people with their own farms or local farmers where they buy their meat from etc etc, but how do you know where the meat from the restaurant comes, how do you know where the eggs and milk in the cookies you bought are from? They are most likely from very badly treated animals, because it's the cheapest way to keep them in small unhygenic spaces and a hurtful death.

I never say that you should not eat meat. My mother sometimes asks me why I won't eat this or that, and as I start explaining she says "Don't try to convince me not to eat meat." That's it! Ignorant! Even if you see animals as inferior to humanity, which I do too to a certain extent, it is absolutely impossible for me, to understand how you can live knowing that this steak you are currently eating, has suffered for several months, and now you're eating it, and the only thing you can say about the steak is "It's tough!".

We watched a movie about global warming, animal farming etc with school some years ago. There were two groups after the movie:
Group 1: not eating meat that day, however would have forgotten everything the next day

Group 2: eating meat afterwards, supressing their feelings by making fun of the bleeding chickens etc.

I believe, that most meat-eaters have not even seen a slaughtery once in their lifetime, some have, but just try not to think of it while eating meat.

My favorite Pro-Meat argument: But we've done that for generations. Homo sapiens wouldn't exist without meat. OK, maybe, in a different time. When meat was seen as something precious, and was hunted. Of course, I think that's cruel too. But they have a relatively short death, have not suffered in small cages, are not consumed in the amounts as today. Apart from that, nowadays we know about vitamines etc, and know exactly what we have to eat. And we can get everything by a vegan diet! (Except for Vitamin B12. If you say that it's not a natural diet then: Vitamin B12 is produced by microorganisms, which are for example in dirty water etc. So if we wouldn't have turned our world into this artificial world, you would be able to get it even if you eat vegan. However, it can be produced synthetically, and taken as supplements. And in case you didn't already know: No, that's not something just vegans take. It's probably in the cereals you eat! (Many cereals already contain B12 supplements))

How can humanity make so many beings suffer, when knowing exactly, that it's not necessary?

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8 Responses Jan 29, 2009

I am so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. What they do to those animals, whether they're considered "kosher" or not, is wrong. Many people are ignorant of what the truth is. And the truth is, our society is killing more than they eat, which is only making these matters worse. I have no problem with people who eat meat, or who are against it. But if you're going to say something is wrong or right, stand by it. You stood your ground, missIndie. Good job. :)

Msdvine, Noah , must have been stocking his fridge because it also say he brought the critters in by 7 s. of a kind.

Why was"Noah" instructed to build the Ark and Stock it with TWO of a kind?

well we can argue the morals and it wont stop the meat industries. people will not be easily swayed by your ideas and even reseached information about the health of vegans. as far as i know its still an ungoing debate. many vegans are not healthy because they do not know all the things they have to do in order to stay healthy without meat. being vegan is much less known and understood than eating meat so you will have a hard time reaching the masses. people do not often like to be called ignorant. it most likely will not make them change their minds about eating meat. and what is more likeley they will see you as ignmorant for you not being able to understand their point. we all think we know whats best. but really we just have our own opinions and views about things. u are right about the fact that most people havent been to slaughter house. i have not. i wouldnt want to. and i cant imagine the poor conditioins for the animals before we eat them being very healthy. although i am sure too that if we treat the animals like that then we probably dont treat our veggies very good. what i mean is pesticides sterroids ect. looks like we have poor ethics on food in this world. just enough to not make us instantly sick. but is slowly giving us cancer with each day. maybe? i dont know. i dont want to kill anything. i dont like that i eat things i could be friends with. but many people dont evn share the kind of compassion you have towards animals. you are doing the right thing is sticking to what you believe in. as far as evryone else being ignorant im not sure if thats entirely true. many do choose to eat meat willingly and knowingly that the animals endured pain. and i would love it if the whole world would stop consuming so much non renewable energy but i have to give them enough options for something that will work. And then the hard part, make them want to give something up. eating meat is like a religion to some people they wont give it up that easily.

"Death is always cruel in a way" - well yes, but everything dies eventually. Actively caused deaths can often be less cruel than natural ones - look at euthanasia, and putting down sick pets (and how many wild animals get to die peacefully of old age?). The reason murder is illegal is that society agrees that humans have a right to life, partly because we miss loved ones who die, and partly because we have a concept of what "life" is and assume that everyone wants to hold on to it. Animals don't, so the only issue becomes whether they are being abused - caused to feel pain or stress. On that point, I agree that agricultural methods are often terrible, and that people should put pressure (both financial and legislative) on farmers to raise animals as ethically as possible.

I understand your point. But I look at it like this. We are part of the animal kingdom. We are mammals. Most mammals are meat eaters in some way or another. If you ever watch animals in the wild hunt and consume their food you know it is a violent act. Regardless of how a mammal obtains it’s meat the one being eating dies a violent inhumane death to become another animals meal. <br />
<br />
For those who choose not to eat meat then I think it is wonderful. I myself growing up would not eat meat at my supper table because I never knew what it was. My grandfather went into the woods and brought all our meat home. When asked what it was he would always tell us to eat it and not worry about it. I would not do it. The idea of Squirrel, opossum, deer, rabbit or what ever else he could find to skin and bring home; did not appeal to me as a meal. <br />
<br />
As I became an adult my mind set changed and I understood better why he hunted for his food. I eat meat now and still at time will eat and fix a vegetarian meal for the family. Like so many other things it is a personal choice.<br />
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Do I love animals, yes I do. However, I do accept that all mammals at sometime or another are part of the food chain.

I do understand where you're coming from, but I don't entirely agree. This is a perfect-world argument that I know is unrealistic and entirely hypothetical, but: Would you consider it cruel to raise an animal in comfort, with space, company, plentiful food and minimal stress, and then kill it painlessly and eat the meat? Would you consider that analogous to murder?

Some won't eat anything with a face. I eat everything but the face. Being vegetarian is healthy, but I just love steak.