Jesus Christ never wore pants or shorts and yet many Christians judge males who wear dresses and skirts.

People come into this world naked and humanity clothes them and dictates what they should or shouldn't wear. I think God is more than capable of clothing us.

Adam and Eve were nudists and they not God wanted to cover up their bodies.

When God laid out the designs for what certain males had to wear in the Bible, God didn't design pants. God designed dresses.

Jesus turned water to wine yet many say drinking is a sin. I don't drink but I do think if God truly was against drinking, His Son wouldn't have turned the water to wine.

When Martha was consumed with doing housework, Jesus had something to say about it.

Jesus was never recorded to have been in a romance or have kids, yet many act like God insists we do that.

Jesus has half-brothers and we don't hear much about Joseph which we read about but yet many judge broken homes and such.

Many think seeing the future is of the devil yet many of God are recorded throughout the Bible with their visions and every Christian who judges it believes those verses. I myself have the gift of dreams like many others in life. I don't always talk about it because of judges, critics, and the fact that many of my dreams come to me way before they really happen to others which cause me to look wacky if I talk about it before it comes true. (like when I mentioned online about a certain celebrity dying and I truly thought it happened cause it was a very vivid dream, turned out he was alive but died a few months later)

And on and on.

I am a Christian. I may not live like others who make decisions I wouldn't make myself; but I don't have to ruin their lives for it.

Many say that if God calls homosexuality an abomination, it is okay for us to do so too. But I never saw God give us permission to do that. I do recall God telling us to love and not judge. Those people are basically giving themselves the rights of God and that's dangerous.
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When you wear it, it's a skirt.
When I wear it, it's a kilt.

Same thing, different name