I have favorite authors who weave real life issues with characters and storylines of fiction. I love their books for that very reason. It is nice to read books for fun but I am the inspirational type. I like to learn while I read BUT it has to be fun reading too.

My favorite book by my favorite author Meg Cabot is called Airhead. It is highly packed with controversial things and it is still something fun to read and if it turns into a movie, I will watch it for sure.

In Airhead, there is a tomboy who hates the Hollywood supermodel and model industry. She and her male best friend call them airheads because they rely on their looks to get somewhere in life.

Her younger sister lives and breathes Hollywood supermodel world.

One day, she takes her sister to a meet-and-greet of a male celebrity at the local mall and the sister leaves the line excited to go meet her favorite teen supermodel who is walking around with her best friend. Tomboy sees a huge TV up above that's about to fall. She races forward to shove her sister out of the way.

Tomboy wakes up and discovers she was in a coma for a few months. Her voice, body, hair color, food cravings, personality are all different. The TV fell and when it did, it landed on her and the female supermodel. The supermodel's brain died but her body was fine. Tomboy's body died but her brain survived. Because of the teen supermodel being under contract with Hollywood and her body surviving the fatal crash, Hollywood paid for a full body transplant. Tomboy's brain got transplanted into Supermodel's body. She still had her own memories but she didn't have her own life anymore. She had Supermodel's life. And she had to keep it a secret from everyone else even her best friend. She and her family had to part ways. She now belonged to Hollywood and had to mingle with Supermodel's friends who were strangers to her. The girl who used to judge supermodels now was forced to live and have the feelings of a supermodel. She was now an Airhead.

I wonder how many of us would be able to handle that switch. A judge of gays switching and becoming gay. A judge of meat eaters switching and eating meat. A judge of religion switching and becoming religious. A judge of handicapped people switching and becoming handicapped. A judge of baby killers switching and becoming a baby killer. A judge of western civilization switching and living the fast-paced advanced life. A judge of alcoholic drinkers switching and becoming a drinker of alcohol. A judge of an ex-con who's trying to make a better life switching and becoming an ex-con who wants another chance to try to get it right. A judge of other religions besides Christianity switching and being a fanatic opposed to Christianity. Etc.

Tomboy realized Airhead had so much more going for her than she realized and the fatal accident and switch had to happen for her to see that maybe being an Airhead wasn't so deserving of her judgment after all.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
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Aug 21, 2014