I am a Christian but I do not give myself the liberty of lording my beliefs over others, nor do I give myself the liberty of calling something a sin just cause God calls it a sin. God does not say in the Bible that I have permission to do that.

I have noticed many so-called Christians shove their beliefs down people's throats and join groups or discussions just to lord their beliefs over others. I have seen a guy who says he is Christian and says he doesn't shove his beliefs down people's throats join groups on here that are for Christians who are gay just so he can preach at them.

I know where my faith stands. I will not be swayed. But just as I will not be swayed, others are like that I am sure about their beliefs.

I am in the middle of a friendly but serious debate with a man who says he is Christian and who calls everything he isn't into a sin, ignoring the fact that others might have problems with the things he's into.

Males in the Bible didn't wear pants. They wore dresses and skirts. Even Jesus who we follow did. Does that mean every Christian male who wears pants and shorts is sinning? No. It is human culture. Before you try to get specific with me on the terms, note I am talking about the style and cut of the clothes, and that skirts and dresses are American terms for them but they are still the same thing.

Males in the Bible didn't cut their hair. Does it mean males who cut their hair are sinning? No. It is human culture.

Females in the Bible wore makeup. King David danced. King David killed a man so he could have the man's wife for himself. Adam and Eve roamed around naked. Divorce was taboo. People ate meat. Jesus had half-brothers. People of God had psychic abilities. People hunted animals. God talks about knowing you even before you are conceived in your mom's womb. And on and on.

Many Christians act like what they don't like is a sin and what they do like is acceptable. If you are going to blast someone and lord your ways and beliefs over someone, even from the verses, you should follow every verse and make sure you are perfect.

I don't lord verses or beliefs over others cause I don't feel I have a right to do so.

The man I am in a debate with told another woman that he wouldn't feel comfortable in her home since she supports gay relations. It got me wondering about things.

Would he be comfortable in the home of someone who quoted King David as a man of God? King David caused his whole kingdom to suffer when he in today's terms deployed a military soldier and assigned him to the front line of battle so that he could take the man's wife for himself. It is association the same as the woman who supports gay relations, but it is worse because an innocent man's murder was plotted and his wife was stolen from him and many innocent people suffered because of his being a murderer and a homewrecker. Or how about being in the home of someone who likes to quote King Solomon? King Solomon was the ultimate bigamist. He had 1,000 wives. Or how about the home of someone who reveres Jesus Christ if you say drinking is a sin. Jesus turned water to wine. You wanna be associated with that? You would turn up your nose just because of that association? Or would you excuse it all and make excuses why some associations are okay and others aren't? How about Paul? In today's terms, he was a terrorist who killed many Christians before he was saved, yet many revere his words. Would you not go to the house of someone who revered his words just cause he killed Christians? What makes him "good"? The fact that he became a Christian, a manmade term? And on and on.

If I can love God who I cannot see and whose choices I sometimes never understand but still accept and live with, surely I can love and accept the people around me who God made and who I can see and not act like they're doomed just cause they make choices I don't make? I can pray for them if they are being hurtful to themselves or others. I can pray for them if I think they're making bad choices. But I will not act like they are sinning just cause they are making choices I don't dare make. God gets to decide that. And there are many things in the Bible I don't follow but I don't lord the ones I do follow over other heads.

Some Christians believe using the Internet is of the devil because they feel WWW is VI VI VI which is 666, the image of the beast. Some Christians believe females are second class to males. Some Christians believe abstinence is the only way to be since Jesus never had a romance or kids. Some Christians believe in sex addiction even though one of the fruits of the spirit is self-control. There are many things of controversies. We need to be loving and kind, as the fruits of the spirit listed speak of, not judgmental and hateful.

I remember a parable Jesus spoke of pertaining to forgiveness and judgment. One rich man forgave another lesser rich man his "sin" and let him go on his way. The other rich man went on his way and found someone who "sinned". The top rich man found out that though he forgave the secondary man his "sin", that man didn't forgive the third man. The second man judged the third man in a harsh way even though he was forgiven. So the first man judged the second man of his "sin" and was harsh about it. If you judge others, God will judge you. Especially since God told us to love and not judge. And I don't know about you, but I daresay God's judging would be worse than our judging.
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Aug 21, 2014