If you are Christian and could go back in time and you in your real life judged:
nudity or revealing attire, would you judge Adam and Eve when they roamed around without clothes

alcoholic consumption, would you stop Jesus from turning water to wine

criminals, would you want Paul to be killed for killing Christians before his identity was changed

broken homes, would you stop Mary and Joseph from breaking up

females having leadership roles, would you stop God from making Deborah the judge and counselor of His people

males wearing dresses and skirts, would you make the males in the Bible even Jesus wear pants

people eating meat, would you stop God from sending quail to a starving man

males wearing long hair, would you tell Jesus and every other male in the Bible to cut their hair

special gifts and said they were of the devil, would you tell Joseph with the coat of many colors, John, and others that they're of the devil

people who didn't go to church, would you go back and tell other believers in the Bible they are sinning if they don't go to church

people with colored skin, would you go back in time and stop Moses from marrying an Ethiopian woman

babies born to different parents, would you go back and scorn Mary for being pregnant with Jesus

unborn babies, would you go tell God He's lying when He says He knows who we are even before we are conceived in the womb

Leann Rimes for being a homewrecker and stealing someone's husband, would you go judge King David since he not only stole someone's wife but arranged for her husband to be murdered so he could have her for himself

Miley Cyrus for dressing revealingly, would you question God when He questioned Adam and Eve when they wanted to not be nude anymore

impromptu weddings that aren't ritualistic, would you judge Adam and Eve's marriage, Isaac and Rebekah's marriage and others

Those are just some of the many things to think about.
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I don't know any Christians who've upheld these opinions and if you do, I'm sorry. Please understand that the judgemental opinions of a few people unfamiliar with their own theology does not constitute the viewpoint of all members of that faith. The teachings of Christ say that loving God and others are the two most important biblical laws and I know some people defy their own religion by putting petty issues such as appearance before caring for others and I apologize on the behalf of the Christians who actually do as Christ asked.