I am again seeing a commercial for Shriners that I hate. Shriners helped me be able to move and walk when I was a toddler.

The mom in that ad says Shriners made her son normal. I get so upset whenever I hear that. He was born physically different and disabled. I was born physically disabled and different too.

What constitutes normal? Normal is a description that the individual person perceives others to be. It doesn't right the individual perception one has any more than the ideal someone else has about what normal is.

I love Shriner's Hospital. I support their tries in bettering others so we can have a bigger advance in life than how we were born. But to hear we aren't normal is just heartbreaking. And to hear it from parents of all people makes it worse.
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Normal is average. Being able to walk is normal, most people can walk. Having 2 eyes is normal, most people can do that. You don't want to be normal and average in every way though. I see what you are saying about normal being different to everyone.