French toast is better than pancakes.
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Eggs ,Milk,Vanilla,whisk it all together.Dip your Bread in it, all fried in pats of butter.Oh Loves it,Just loves it!!!Syrup and more butter.OOOOOOOH baby!!!

say it again!

All french toast lovers must be destroyed at all costs....Pancake lovers stand up proud with your heads up high and unite we run this....oh and crepe and waffle lovers........feed them to the for real though I love all of those except for crepes...ewww

Crepes are gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad invention. Crepe lovers will be shot on sight.

Finally someone who shares my exact

Yes. Great minds think alike.

That's a hard one! Can I go with eggs Benedict ? Lol

And French toast?

French kissing is better.


I wholeheartedly agree w you!!!


We gonna fight about this.

No need to fight, I'm right. Lol

One word, WAFFLES

Lol nooooooo!!!!!



hah no crapes, WAFFLES

FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why not both?

Hmmmm I see why not. *shakes your hand*

oh no you didn't!

I did!!

*orchestra says "dum dum dum"*

Well......I agree


Hahahaha. Shots fired.

Lol oh no!

Oh totally. I've always chosen French Toast over pancakes!

Of course

thats cool but french toast is not french they were invented by the romans

Lol. Doesn't change the name

That's not too controversial for me. As long as you agree nothing is better than sourdough bread for making French Toast.

Hmmmmmmmmmm may I have a moment to think about this?

Sure. 1. 2. 3. 4. OK. Times up

I will have to cook French toast using sour dough bread. When this comes to pass, I shall give you an answer.

Deal :)

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I agree!


agreed :)

"Did we just become best friends?" "Yup!"

Sure :)

Yay!!!! My new bestie :-)