Rascism: a Message to My Generation

racism in today's world  with our younger generation is the most ridiculous thing experienced.

Now one thing I want to express that many people seem to forget when thinking of racism is that it is not limited to just white & black, but is experienced by every race.

And while I do not believe it is acceptable for any race to be discriminated against, I will be focusing on black & white.

I think part of the reason that racism is such a problem is because people often tend to assume they are being discriminated against.

For example: If you are out somewhere and someone of opposite color is rude to you, it is often assumed that it is race related. It is not assumed that is because they are just rude or had a bad day and misplacing their anger. No, it is said that it is because of  race. I find this appalling.

Now realize I know this is not the case with everyone, so don't feel the need to defend yourself because I use the word "you".

Moving on to another issue.

Today there are so many young black Americans that don't like white people because of slavery. Now, I don't want anyone to think that I am down grading the way black people were treated back then. That is in no way what I am going to say.

The problem to me is that there is a young new generation, that can't even tell you any history of what happened in those times, that are using it as a means to discriminate. Neither race of today's generation had anything to do with things that happened in those times.

Then, there are the white young Americans who are continuing a pattern of hating and discriminating against black people because of old "beliefs" of their families. The ones that believe whites are better than blacks. This is ignorance in its worst form.

I'm sick of stereotypes such as:

"A black or white way of dressing"

"Black or white people music"

People assuming that black people are all criminal or violent. Or when a black teen acts out it is because of they are black and therefore their "nature".

White people being bullied because since they are white they can't fight.

Or the different expressions we have.

"Go back to Africa where you came from."

Now that is stupid. 95% of the time these black people that you are ignorantly spewing this to is an American and have been for generations now.

"You brought us here."

Another ignorant thing to say. YOU weren't brought here and I didn't bring you here.

I could go on for ages on the ignorance that both sides has been showing.

My plea is that people can stop dragging along the past of our ancestors. Stop continuing a long chain of hate. Why can we not, in a time where we have a mix raced president, and Latinos, blacks, whites, etc. working together in our government, see the ways we have all benefited from each other?

The discoveries and inventions both races have founded to make our world and our country a better place, is something that all races of this country benefit from.

I believe once we can do this....truly stop blaming one another and living our ancestors past, then we will truly be on the way to becoming a better, more united nation.

I also have to beg the parents to stop teaching hatred to their children. Or allowing them to be exposed to it by their relatives.

We are in a time where today's young generation is inheriting enough from the generations before us and where our children are also going to have to inherit this as well. War, bad economy, etc. This is not something that should be continued to be passed along with it.

Of  course I know I may never live to see any of this happen, but at least I'll die knowing that I tried to change the heart and mind of at least one person.

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I can't with you ahaha

Yes. And then there are the scholarships and rewards and such many get because their lineage used to get hurt, killed, etc. from others. It's not happening to them but because it happened to their ancestors, they feel they are entitled. Rewards coming from your own hard work, I am not talking about that. I am talking about using the hate of the past and trying to get benefits from it. Instead of letting that stuff die and forging a better past for your descendants after you.

Couldn't of said it better myself!! Thank you!!

It's so sad that even now in the 21st century we are still dealing with this kind of silliness. We are all human beings and share similar experience, love, death, fear, etc. And besides, weather you believe in creation or evolution, if we could trace out ancestory to the very beginning, we all came from the same place.

if everyone is really honest have we not all made at least one racist comment in our lives.religion, fat people skinny people jews ugly people i am pretty sure we are all guilty.In a society where humans treat each other like annimals its not surprising nasty comments are made.its a screwed up world we live in.Are we more civilised today than the romans and greeks not really.as a race we are cruel violent and slow to change.Very sad.

I think the problem is too many people buy into the stereotypes. When one person see's someone fitting the stereotype they just think to themselves that a typical " insert racial slur here". Sometimes they even say it out loud. Then again there are the masses that have to prove these people right and that's also annoying. Like white southerners with their confederate flags and shot guns and hateful stares they scare me. They scare me as much as the black urban youths with baggy pants white T's and red/blue bandana's and dirty looks. Stereotypes are bad in a way and a sense of protection in another way. There's no way I'm walking around the projects in my city at night. I don't think what I'm trying to say is coming out right. I think what I'm trying to say is I wish people wouldn't prove these stereotypes right. I look at these poor neighborhoods with this huge Victorian homes and they're so run down and torn up. I think to myself they have no idea what this could be if they just put some effort into it and learned a skill like fixing up a home. It just disappoints me. It also disappoints me when people think I have money just because I'm white. Um no I lived in a shelter as a kid and have worked my butt off for everything I have. No it wasn't easier because I am white, the rich still treat me like they treat you. I think because I work in retail the rich women who shop there think I'm nothing and that I'll always be nothing. At least thats what their attitude implies. Little do the know I am putting myself through college. I'm done ranting. Discrimination comes from everywhere like you said. Sadly I think it's em<x>bedded in most of our culture.

You know what you say makes sense but look at other countries people get so tied into the past. I am not talking about racism here but just cultural beliefs. Look at the women who still go through circumcisions. How about the fight over the "Holy Land" I have said to myself many times why can't these people just agree to disagree, but noooo no one is mature enough to do that. It annoys me that those masses out weigh people like us who just want to live in peace and harmony.

Thank you Josie. As usual you made a beautifully correct statement.

brwneyedbeauty I agree. Thanks for sharing some very valid points.<br />
<br />
Racism is wrong as is discrimination. It still imbues society for many reasons. Some real and some perceived, rightly or wrongly. <br />
<br />
Those of us here today didn't cause it but surly we have inherited it. So it's is up to each of us, one at a time, to change it. It will take time, but I believe we all need to try.

Eccentric, I mentioned in my story that this is something all races experience, not just black and whites. <br />
<br />
I was just talking about black and white in this particular story.

It's not just the blacks and whites though. I've heard hispanic/asian/indian and so on stereotypes being used over and over.<br />
<br />
Sorry for beating the dead horse but damn. Native Americans are often poked and prodded at and it's ok. The term "indian giver" just irks the hell out of me. Then, everyone thinks Mexicans go around drinking tequila on donkeys wearing sombreros. I loathe Cinco de Mayo. I hate that "holiday." It isn't even celebrated in Mexico. When you go to a Mexican restaurant, it because a playground for Americans to wear sombreros and pretend to be a "Mexican" for a few hours. Gross.

This is exactly my point hippy. I am talking about what a shame it is that racism has not gone away.<br />
<br />
How no one, black or white should be experiencing it. I know its still there and I find it sad that it has not gone away at all. That was the point I was trying to make.

right salar.

Part of the teaching has to come from the elders they are the ones who pass on the history , time for them to make the adjustment and admit they were wrong in what thay have passed on .... boy is it going to be a tuf one ;o)

Part of the teaching has to come from the elders they are the ones who pass on the history , time for them to make the adjustment and admit they were wrong in what thay have passed on .... boy is it going to be a tuf one ;o)

And why would people teach their children? Because they hold themselves high..right? See its all in the ego..if a person cuts his ego down, why would he teach his child the opposite and build his ego up?

Yes, but the teachings of this also have to be stopped. There are so many people who do this through the teachings of their parents beliefs and so many that follow stereotypes.

That is the only place to start and end i think, once you have down graded it and consider that your no different from the person standing next to you, as in he is a human being so are you...

That would certainly be a great place to start floydian!

Racism..that is a very tender topic or idk what word to use the real thing lies in the ego people need to downsize that...

Unfortunately you are right. It is probably nothing we will ever see. I cannot comprehend there being so much hate in the world. Especially over something so trivial as color.

I've studied alongside people from various parts of the world. I've been able to help some who were having difficulty with some topics.<br />
<br />
For me, it was a bit like a chance to see another part of the world through their eyes. I love to travel, but don't have the money to do it now (and haven't for a long time).<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, once you move away from educated circles, you find a lot of discrimination in poorer areas, where they'll hate you for all sorts of reasons. I don't know how that ignorance will ever be cured. Probably not in my lifetime.

yeah Christians, were very raciest to my native ancester, and hate is no way to live today,,we must all come together for the greater good of all,,,we will all need each other if we want to surfie,,,Love and Light Mary

I agree with you completely. Everyone seems to be just fine with they way we just went and took this land. Now there are hardly any suriving tribes left and the ones that are left, are often criticized for their way of life.

Just goes to show how young our country is. However, young grows old and you'd think by now the US would be moving past racism and have bigger fish to fry. I mean COME ON. It just keeps going. Even the Native Americans. That is my big issue. Native Americans in my book are the ancestors of this land and they were kicked aside by settlers/etc. You don't hear much about that though. It's always gotta be some other victim.<br />
<br />