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The population needs to be reduced by at least 70% Forced sterilization/genocide may be the best option.

Selective breeding (eugenics) would be the preferred step, but there may not be enough time for us.

Mother Nature is pissed off and will not stop trying to exterminate us. We should stop resisting.

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yep, sick nazi thinking here... i'm all for voluntary extinction of the human race but idiots like you don't get to decide what is *quality* or superior genetics. hitler would be proud of a fool like yourself. you're not impressing the intelligent members of EP, however and if 70+ is your real age, you'd be gone before your sick ideas could take hold. thank goodness.

You are so effed up I won't even bother.

Don't bible quote at me. I don't give a **** what some old and heavily mistranslated book has to say. Why do you insist that only people need to reproduce? What about all the other 'life' on this planet? That includes not just animals and plants but also bacteria and viruses. Why are people so much more important?<br />
<br />
There is nothing more natural than a good old fashioned natural disaster to wipe out a species.

I'm not having children either. Not since I found out they don't come in the colour I wanted :(

Im not having children....does that help?! =D

I agree too but only because too many idiots have babies and don't take care of them properly. You should have to go through mental examinations before being allowed children. I say kill the idiots before they have a chance to reproduce. Instead, we do it backwards and kill the innocent unborn and leave the idiots fukked up!!!!

System I see nothing wrong with that; however, I would hope he would want to continue to help you with the kid/s after they/him/her were born. I don't think anyone should get married for pregnancy anyways.

Agreed. If you think about it, it's quite possible that there has been other 'intelligent' life on this planet before us that has been already wiped out... The method is unimportant. As far as I'm concerned, we are a stain on the tablecloth of life and should be washed away as soon as possible!

Selective breeding has more to do with the 'quality' of the genes than the nationality/ethnicity. I understand where you're coming from though. In the future (if humans manage to sort themselves out) race will be a non issue - it won't exist, which to be honest can only be a good thing.

this is going to sound terrible but before I had children I had planed on only having sex exclusively with other native Americans for the sole purpose of continuing our blood line......I have never told anyone that.<br />
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a little off subject but I thought of it when you said selective breeding.

I'm workin' on it screwdup! :p

agree we need to get rid of 5bil on this planet the planet can not support 7bil time for a nice virus or ice age

puck61: "We should supply the Crips, the Bloods. 18nth street gang. brown pride, Florenza 13, We should arm them to the teeth and let nature take its course. Survival of the fittest and all that good stuff." I wouldn't put those types of people 'in charge' they would be culled with the rest of the scum. As for Survival of the Fittest, I doubt many of them could tie their own shoelaces let alone ensure continuation of the Human race. Their gene pool contribution is not needed.<br />
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kitxxxxxxx: Remember a little while ago when everyone was running around desperately trying to get the 'Swine Flu' jab? It's the perfect vehicle for forced sterilization. We are so arrogant in wanting to preserve our own lives for as long as possible that we wouldn't think twice at getting a vaccination that promises to save us.<br />
The problem with government imposed restrictions on childbirth is that you need cooperation between people and government. Otherwise all turns chaotic as people are outraged at not having 'control' and unable to see the bigger picture.

oo and we need to change what resources we use.

i think we need to have restrictions for the amount of children we can have-- every where, so that doesnt need to happen (even in africa thats more mouths to feed so having more people to work- doesnt really work)

I agree, just not with your method of dealing with the situation.

It's funny in a sad way, but up in Seattle, I knew a lot of junkies. If they got wind of someone dying from some product, that's<br />
the product they would try to get a hold of. Every time.Same with the coke shooters, they were constantly looking for that freight train to go through the room. Get just as close to doing the chicken dance as possible.

Leisawolf: It's not about having the space, it's about resources. The earth cannot sustain 7 billion people at one time, around 2 billion is estimated to be ideal (which is what it was in 1930). I am not saying I am more worthy than any one else of being alive, it is not for me to decide. Ideally that decision would be based on 'preferable' genetic traits. And turn your TV on - We ARE out to kill each other, because the gene pool is filthy. Is that any way to live?<br />
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puck61: Legalizing class A drugs WOULD reduce the population as natural selection would be put to work rather effectively :)

I was speaking of a different type of shooting gallery where is impolite to die, Make sure the product is clean and presto everyone's happy and then everybody quiets down happy and everybody dies happy If we as humanity we're left to their own devices we wouldn't have such a large population. We're too ambitious and we can all easily Identify the scum of the earth, (WE THINK WE CAN) While were at it we should supply Humvee mounted 50 cals, lot's of grenades and assault rifles, claymores, bangalore torpedoes ,;';';';';';';'maybe a few sniper rifles. We should supply the Crips, the Bloods. 18nth street gang. brown pride, Florenza 13, We should arm them to the teeth and let nature take its course. Survival of the fittest and all that good stuff, So drugs to the druggies, and quality weapons to the gang bangers. It would work on the same principal as setting fire to stop fires. Of course we would have to evacuate non.druggies and non bangers. But I would bet the trial by fire would create some squared away individuals who had learned the futility of violence. I think a few would survive drug and alcohol camp, especially if they got to see their buddy swell up like a big yellow balloon and die a very unpleasant and long lasting death. I'm sure the survivors would see differently coming out than they did coming in

I think what Puck said is okay, as long as the people we are shooting at are the killers.<br />
This all smacks of misanthropy.

You said "there may not be enough time for us." <br />
Us, as in YOU? Or "us" as in humanity?<br />
I still want to know, why do you think <i>you</I> would be "chosen" to survive?

Just completely legalize all drugs and quit stepping on the product. that would help control the population Come on in to bobs shooting gallery we guaranty a hot load in every rig!

I do not agree. The world is NOT overpopulated, just over-centralized. The current mass of people of the <i>whole world</i> could live in Alberta, Canada with 1,000 sq feet EACH.<br />
Get real, what I am saying is, you have been misled. <br />
And who is to say it will not be YOU who gets eliminated for being an "extra human". <br />
What do you do to ensure you are worthy of being alive? Who would judge? Who would say who lives or dies?<br />
In that scenario you proposed, we'd all be out to kill each other. Is that any way to live?<br />
Think, then, re-think.

haha, i totally agree. I'll warm up the gas chambers!