My First Gestalt-therapy Session

I didn't know, that I ever would go to a therapist again, but matter of fact, I did it on february 12th 09:00 am.

Getting there was a real adventure. The bus I took, had to take another road because a truck was stuck in the snow. I was supposed to arrive in the community at 08:22 am and did get there around 08:50 am.

Most of the time, we spent with a move from Gestalt-Therapy. She suggested, that I should place small wood blocks (toys) on a table. Each block should represent an important part in my life. 

The first one was for work. I told her, that I enjoy working, the colleagues and that it is really funny in the department, where I work.

The second was for my audio devices and listening to music. I explained, that I hear in the genre I adore transforming energy/emotions into actual notes and to a great degree a cacophony. Meaning several instruments going in different directions at once, yet strangely building a coherent unit. Somehow similiar to the impressions/thoughts/emotions that I have at times, when it comes to meeting people in my private time.

The third was for EP and internet/e-mail communication in general. 

The fourth was for my great-grandmother, who was the central emotional attachment figure in my childhood.

 All in all, I am still proud that I went to the session and am looking forward to the next one, most likely in 3 weeks on a saturday morning.



unit1963 unit1963
46-50, M
Feb 14, 2010