So Far So Good.

2009 has definitely been better than 2008 and it is only February. 

I made some life changes this year that I am going to stick to.  My husband is getting clean or getting out, he started detox and has been clean for 2 weeks now, so that is going good.  I started anti-depressants to help me with my problems, and they seem to be working, I am happier now than I have been a long time.  I am losing weight, in 3 weeks I have lost 7 pounds, this also helps with my depression.

I have also passed my fingerprint recognition and classification class, so I will be getting my certificate in about 6 weeks, then I can look for another job.  Hopefully I will pass my crime scene investigation class and I will get my certificate for that as well, then I can really get another job. 

I have very high hopes for this year.  I refuse to have a year like I had in 2008, which I believe to be one of the worst years of my life so far.  As the title says, so far so good for this year.

J21883 J21883
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2009